Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The war is over, and now let the missions begin!

Finally the wars are over, which I admittedly didn't do a whole lot during because I wanted to allow others the chance to lead against such....well, minor enemies. Good practice and time in the hot seat without too much loss potential. I did manage a kill though of a very silly Brutix pilot that for some bizarre reason felt his T1 equipped Brutix with T2 drones was the match of my fully T2 Raven with ECM drones. He was blaster equipped and came in close, which was nice since I had torps. So after I ripped off his shields and 60% of his armor, he warped off leaving his nice T2 drones for me to scoop. Then he warps back in and engages me again. But sadly for him, the onrushing fleet arrived and he was locked down as the rain of torps began. Brutix fall down go boom.

That was my only kill besides a silly abbadon that jumped into Korsiki. Elirath got him to engage, then called in the fleet and we beat him down. Maybe one day our war targets will learn that Korsiki is a death trap for them.

I'm doing my first level 4 since the war started, need the money, need the mins and I like watching things go boom. Hopefully the salvage will be good though, I can use alot more bits, I want to get some more salvage tackle rigs on my salvage destroyers. Maybe I'll do some ride alongs this weekend as well.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mining during Wartime?

It really was fun, especially since it's a big upraised finger to our war targets, who declined to brave the 20 ship gatecamp that we had going to welcome rude strangers. But we didn't mine for too long though we managed a respectable amount of ore. Veld prices what they are, I need to do some mining myself to keep my production going for a constant isk income. Of course, I could probably run missions and they'd avoid it being that A. It's me. and B. Therefore it's really a trap of some kind. Which generally it would be, but I could see using that to my advantage. Same as how all the privateers used to dock if my cov ops alt jumped into system. It always brings to mind people rushing about screaming, "Silent is coming, Silent is coming." Heck, I can't even bait most people into shooting at me anymore, even if I don't have 30 people waiting to pounce them for it.

Naturally this is my own fault in a way, given my preference for laying traps for people. But to me that's just how the game is played. Fair is you exploding and the Uni dancing on your corpse. I wish CCP would let us impale the corpses of those attacking the Uni on SAK in Korsiki. That would be funny and educational. We're starting a sniper wing though. That will be good. I'd love having that capability with the fleet. It'll let us do alot more fast raids and offensive operations that don't require elaborate plans to dump 15 tacklers onto people in order to kill them. Yay for less planning! Yay for being able to shove building it onto Ubercado! Course, he 'volunteered'. It's good to be the Evil Over....Admiral.

Friday, September 14, 2007

War, again

Once again some stupid bunch of jerks, unable to find anything else to do, has war decced Ivy League. This kind of moronic stupidity is getting seriously old and I'm hoping if this is all that dec us, we can make them spend a week in station, soiling their pants. I like forcing so called "great pvper's" to have to sit in station, knowing there's a bloodthirsty mob of 'noobs' waiting outside to eviscerate them and nail their corpse to the station.

I also hope that people will remember to obey the war time rules and we've suffer less than usual losses to people being dumb and wandering around alone or flying on autopilot or trying to mine with war targets in system. I don't mind actual combat losses so much, but the petty stupid losses cause people are not paying attention bug me.

Maybe if I yell enough, we'll have enough EW this war. Last time we were seriously lacking on our EW because everyone wanted to do damage. EW is how we win and the more people remember that, the better.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th, 2007: 6 years

Today is the 6th anniversary of the 9/11 Terrorist attacks. I have just four words for this day.

Never forget....Never forgive.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Iskies, Iskies, I must have Iskies

Question is of course, how to make them. I can make them fairly fast via level 4's. They require attention though and basically I have to concentrate on them. This also gains me the higher level minerals for production. It leaves me lacking though on Trit and Pyerite. I get some, but not huge amounts. It's usually better to mine for that. But I think right now...I'll just instead do missions and get the isk so I can buy a tower. I'll be needing that so that I can get my BPO's researched up. I just bought a new one to start using as well. I don't have all the bpo's but I do have a very respectable amount of them and certainly enough to make money off of. It was pure luck one of mine ended up 200/200 ME/PE since I had no idea about them at the time and it was back when you could find slots to use in stations. Make that TWO new BPO's today. Be a while before they pay for themselves, though not too long if I run missions alot.

I'm curious of course how long it'll take for me to be able to anchor the tower. Definately be interesting however when I do.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The war is over!

Finally, the war is over! That means an end to having to worry so much. Plus with the Tourney over at last, I can get back to trying to fill my wallet instead of empty it. I'm afraid to look at how many millions of isk I poured into the tourney, plus with war losses it's not going to pretty. I went through a large amount of my carefully horded T2 gear. But with Zharkov having lost a raven as well, it means we're going to need alot of isk just to get back to where we were.

Having the Navy Raven will help though, doing L4's just a bit faster I think, though I do need to set a couple of missions aside as ride-alongs. Still, I got some of my skills up and with my carrier down in low sec now, it means a bit of relief that I don't have to constantly worry about it getting moved. Gee, thanks MDK for petitioning that, shows some real class. But then I have no respect for them, like so many that war dec us, they are nothing but sub-human vermin, bugs to be stepped on or rabid animals to be put down. Nobody that war dec's the Uni is looking for a good fight. They are looking at ganking people who can't fight back. This is why I will never have any respect for them, because their actions are worthy of nothing but contempt and derision.

Hmmmm, time to put Evil Silent back in the box. With the war and the tourney done, we can finally get the navy starting to roll and that'll be a good thing. Hopefully with some of the players sticking around longer, we'll be able to match corps like MDK in numbers when it comes to heavy ships and not have to rely so much on the directors. I'd seriously love to have the ability to field 100 ship Uni fleets with 25-30 T2 fitted battleships included. It'd definately put an end to people sniping at us if we have 2-3 times their own number of snipers.

Time to make some iskies and continue the fleet roster.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Beginning

Well, someone suggested the directors should start blogging. Heck, why not. Course, I won't be putting any privileged information here so don't think you'll get any inside dirt or even toe jam. Cause I'm mean that way.

Anyway, for those who don't know who this is....This is about EVE Online and my character Silentbrick, who is a director and Fleet Admiral of Ivy League and Eve University. I'm in charge of the military arm of the Ivy League alliance and oversee the PVP courses that we teach as well as events, training bouts and tourneys.

Yes, the title of this is Deranged Carebear, cause that's what I am. Silentbrick is a miner with production capabilities. He also is a mission runner, so no, my primary focus is not on PVP. However, being a "Deranged" carebear means that while my focus isn't PVP, I'm not bad at it though and poking me might get you a nice volley of faction cruise missiles shot back at you in return.

Currently with Ivy in a war with MDK atm, the Alliance Tourney going on plus school on top of it, I’m not going to be posting much for a bit. Still, I think we’ve made a good showing in the tourney and as always, we’ve fought hard against MDK though we’ve not used our fleets to our best advantage. Hopefully that will change or MDK will get bored and leave. I for one am getting sick and tired of these twits.