Sunday, September 9, 2007

Iskies, Iskies, I must have Iskies

Question is of course, how to make them. I can make them fairly fast via level 4's. They require attention though and basically I have to concentrate on them. This also gains me the higher level minerals for production. It leaves me lacking though on Trit and Pyerite. I get some, but not huge amounts. It's usually better to mine for that. But I think right now...I'll just instead do missions and get the isk so I can buy a tower. I'll be needing that so that I can get my BPO's researched up. I just bought a new one to start using as well. I don't have all the bpo's but I do have a very respectable amount of them and certainly enough to make money off of. It was pure luck one of mine ended up 200/200 ME/PE since I had no idea about them at the time and it was back when you could find slots to use in stations. Make that TWO new BPO's today. Be a while before they pay for themselves, though not too long if I run missions alot.

I'm curious of course how long it'll take for me to be able to anchor the tower. Definately be interesting however when I do.


philip said...

hmmm how are you getting high level minerals from level 4 missions? I've never heard anyone else mention this as a benefit of running missions.

Maybe there's more to this mission grinding than I thought!

thanks for your effort in putting the blog together


Silentbrick said...

You get the minerals through collecting the loot and reprocessing the ones you don't wish to sell. My typical method of sorting is any mod worth more than 100k isk, I will sell, cheaper than that and it gets tossed into the grinder.

Nos's, neuts and armor reppers are all good mods since they give you a fair amount of rare minerals.

philip said...

yep I've been doing some of that myself - although I find the time taken to sort out the "wheat from the chaff" is a drawback. I suppose that it gets easier once you learn the valuable modules.