Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mining during Wartime?

It really was fun, especially since it's a big upraised finger to our war targets, who declined to brave the 20 ship gatecamp that we had going to welcome rude strangers. But we didn't mine for too long though we managed a respectable amount of ore. Veld prices what they are, I need to do some mining myself to keep my production going for a constant isk income. Of course, I could probably run missions and they'd avoid it being that A. It's me. and B. Therefore it's really a trap of some kind. Which generally it would be, but I could see using that to my advantage. Same as how all the privateers used to dock if my cov ops alt jumped into system. It always brings to mind people rushing about screaming, "Silent is coming, Silent is coming." Heck, I can't even bait most people into shooting at me anymore, even if I don't have 30 people waiting to pounce them for it.

Naturally this is my own fault in a way, given my preference for laying traps for people. But to me that's just how the game is played. Fair is you exploding and the Uni dancing on your corpse. I wish CCP would let us impale the corpses of those attacking the Uni on SAK in Korsiki. That would be funny and educational. We're starting a sniper wing though. That will be good. I'd love having that capability with the fleet. It'll let us do alot more fast raids and offensive operations that don't require elaborate plans to dump 15 tacklers onto people in order to kill them. Yay for less planning! Yay for being able to shove building it onto Ubercado! Course, he 'volunteered'. It's good to be the Evil Over....Admiral.

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Stupid wrong click...grrr....Yeah, I facto wise...