Friday, September 14, 2007

War, again

Once again some stupid bunch of jerks, unable to find anything else to do, has war decced Ivy League. This kind of moronic stupidity is getting seriously old and I'm hoping if this is all that dec us, we can make them spend a week in station, soiling their pants. I like forcing so called "great pvper's" to have to sit in station, knowing there's a bloodthirsty mob of 'noobs' waiting outside to eviscerate them and nail their corpse to the station.

I also hope that people will remember to obey the war time rules and we've suffer less than usual losses to people being dumb and wandering around alone or flying on autopilot or trying to mine with war targets in system. I don't mind actual combat losses so much, but the petty stupid losses cause people are not paying attention bug me.

Maybe if I yell enough, we'll have enough EW this war. Last time we were seriously lacking on our EW because everyone wanted to do damage. EW is how we win and the more people remember that, the better.

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