Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The war is over, and now let the missions begin!

Finally the wars are over, which I admittedly didn't do a whole lot during because I wanted to allow others the chance to lead against such....well, minor enemies. Good practice and time in the hot seat without too much loss potential. I did manage a kill though of a very silly Brutix pilot that for some bizarre reason felt his T1 equipped Brutix with T2 drones was the match of my fully T2 Raven with ECM drones. He was blaster equipped and came in close, which was nice since I had torps. So after I ripped off his shields and 60% of his armor, he warped off leaving his nice T2 drones for me to scoop. Then he warps back in and engages me again. But sadly for him, the onrushing fleet arrived and he was locked down as the rain of torps began. Brutix fall down go boom.

That was my only kill besides a silly abbadon that jumped into Korsiki. Elirath got him to engage, then called in the fleet and we beat him down. Maybe one day our war targets will learn that Korsiki is a death trap for them.

I'm doing my first level 4 since the war started, need the money, need the mins and I like watching things go boom. Hopefully the salvage will be good though, I can use alot more bits, I want to get some more salvage tackle rigs on my salvage destroyers. Maybe I'll do some ride alongs this weekend as well.

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