Saturday, September 8, 2007

The war is over!

Finally, the war is over! That means an end to having to worry so much. Plus with the Tourney over at last, I can get back to trying to fill my wallet instead of empty it. I'm afraid to look at how many millions of isk I poured into the tourney, plus with war losses it's not going to pretty. I went through a large amount of my carefully horded T2 gear. But with Zharkov having lost a raven as well, it means we're going to need alot of isk just to get back to where we were.

Having the Navy Raven will help though, doing L4's just a bit faster I think, though I do need to set a couple of missions aside as ride-alongs. Still, I got some of my skills up and with my carrier down in low sec now, it means a bit of relief that I don't have to constantly worry about it getting moved. Gee, thanks MDK for petitioning that, shows some real class. But then I have no respect for them, like so many that war dec us, they are nothing but sub-human vermin, bugs to be stepped on or rabid animals to be put down. Nobody that war dec's the Uni is looking for a good fight. They are looking at ganking people who can't fight back. This is why I will never have any respect for them, because their actions are worthy of nothing but contempt and derision.

Hmmmm, time to put Evil Silent back in the box. With the war and the tourney done, we can finally get the navy starting to roll and that'll be a good thing. Hopefully with some of the players sticking around longer, we'll be able to match corps like MDK in numbers when it comes to heavy ships and not have to rely so much on the directors. I'd seriously love to have the ability to field 100 ship Uni fleets with 25-30 T2 fitted battleships included. It'd definately put an end to people sniping at us if we have 2-3 times their own number of snipers.

Time to make some iskies and continue the fleet roster.

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