Friday, November 21, 2008


One thing I have grown increasingly bored of is corps that war dec the Ivy League and basically don't show up. It's bad enough they used to zip through the area with nano's or hide in cloak, but pretty much now they won't even do that.

We have 2 dec's currently and when you boil it down, neither party is even fighting. I think I'm going to propose a new rule for War Dec's. If the corp/alliance that initiates the dec does not get a kill each day, for each day they fail to get one they must pay a penalty of 5 million isk PER member of the corp/alliance they war dec'd. So pretty much each day these wannabe's don't bother to even fight, they'd have to pay out 80 billion isk to Uni members. That's a fitting and fair punishment for being worthless cowards.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grrrr.....SO CLOSE!!

Last night was fun. It would have been more fun, if the silly wartargets had been willing to play, but they rarely ever seem to. Since they had been hiding and retracted the war, kills against Crimson Federation have been very few and far between. Dee, Saphion, and I managed to kill a poly'd ishtar, but last night, our war targets brought a cap ship out while I was running a noobship operation.

Once our nefarious and highly secret Intel department reported the cap ship, I ordered the noobship fleet to race back to Korsiki and load for bear. Meanwhile, I went off and got the Uni Cap ship pilots online and we moved into position as the fleet returned to the enemy area, with a full up combat fleet. With our fleet ready and our cap ships lurking outside of stations 10 light years away to hot drop on the enemy, we waited for the opportunity to strike. Sadly, all the fleet got was another ishtar and a bunch of smack from the ishtar pilot.

It always makes me laugh. If your 50 man alliance declares war on a 1200 person alliance, you don't get to complain about 30-1 odds. Besides, what these people always fail to understand is that there is a difference between pvp and war. Sure, we have pvp in the Uni. But when someone decs us, we gear up to fight wars. That means we are going to fight to win while trying to ensure that our enemies can do nothing but sit there frying in their pods while we vaporize their ships. War isn't about fair or even odds. It's about destroying the enemy and not letting him do that to you.

Sadly, their cap ship pilot didn't take the bait, and instead they dropped one of their pilots to an NPC corp to start bringing in the rest of their cap ships. As we didn't have enough intel to determine exactly how many or what kind of additional ships they had, I ordered the fleet back to Korsiki. I'm not going to put our cap fleet at risk without good intel, so there was no way I was going to engage blindly. Sometimes I'm amazed how many cap ships we have though. If we'd had our full cap ship fleet though, we'd of gone in as there's no way their corp would be able to match us.

All in all, it was fun, sitting in my carrier, waiting for the word to make the first ever combat drop of Uni cap ships, but alas it will have to wait for another time.

I must take a moment to say how proud I am of the Uni pilots though. We couldn't tell them exactly what was going on, as we're always riddled with spies, but they did great turning around and switching to full blown combat operations. They were patient and disciplined, which is why I think the Uni always does so well during wartime. Our LSA, the low sec apprenticeship program also did great, playing bait and being ready to open the door for the cap fleet. And of course, our Intel guys, who always amaze me with their absolute professionalism and tremendous work, despite having to work in secret and unable to receive proper and very much deserved praise.

People sometimes ask why I don't leave the Uni and go join a 0.0 alliance...and the people are why. Eve is a very dangerous and dark place, full of people who like to play mean, and yet our alliance is filled with the kind of people I enjoy playing with. Ones that like helping and will share their own time, isk and items with a fellow Uni member, with no expectation of reward or praise. And they are willing to put their own stuff at risk, cause when someone goes after a Uni member, help is never far away. It's not uncommon for ore thieves and griefers to whine that seconds after they steal, it's like a pack of wolves has been unleashed on their trail. Sure, our students are noobs....but they are also family and they stick together. And to hit one is to hit all and so all will hit you back. That's why the Uni is the best corp in EVE.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brave Brave Sir Wartarget....NOT!!

Once more, we have war targets in frigates, inties and polycarbed Vexors bravely running through Korsiki, and then out again. Clearly this is their current method of 'winning' and stroking their e-peens. They are clearly brain damaged or something. They have declared war on us. Showing that they can run away very fast isn't very intimidating, it's not even funny. It's actually sort of dull and boring and very pathetic. They don't win anything by zipping through the system, but clearly it makes them feel good and special.

Maybe with a few more of their corpses, we can dissect them enough to figure it out. But for now, I stick to what I do know. Wartargets are not humans, they are merely vermin, below even slime molds or roaches.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

EVE Blogroll and a new War.

First off, yay for being added to the EVE Blogroll, though I suspect I'll find our enemies sneaking here to try and gain intel. But then, maybe not. Most of them don't even know who we are until AFTER they declare war. Still, cool to be on it.

And a new war, against Haiduken. They've got about 40 people in one corp and 9 in their secondary corp. Basically mission gankers. Course, they should have learned our rules first, no missioning in war time so all the expensive toys get put up and out come the combat ships. Since we only use T2 or T1 and not faction ships and gear, you generally can't make a profit fighting us. Still, it's good to have a war again, I like killing people in Eve. I can run about 2 missions before I get bored and only can mine now if I'm doing something else, like RPing on a Mush or something while the roids get munched.

But, war is here, which means tapping the Warbeer kegs, taking the leashes off all the students and feeding them scraps of raw meat. I would pity our war targets, but I ripped my heart out long ago to become a Lich. So there's no mercy or pity there.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A *snort* war and school coming to a close

The past week we have a had a 'war'. Pretty much 5 kills each side but we have 98% efficiency. Apparently they had no clue what they were getting into and I'm sorry but a six man corp vs a 1100 person alliance doesn't tend to win much. Too bad for them.

School is finally coming to a close for the term, FINALLY! So tired of it. Course, fall term starts in a few weeks. The other good news is the end of the Nano-exploit era is coming to close. CCP is finally working out ways to fix it so that speed-tanking no longer makes you totally immune to damage and is more in line with other tanks. All the pitiful whiny crybaby nano-carebears are hilarious. A much needed kick in the forks for them. I love how their grandiose claims decry it's the end of EVE. Please. Every nerf that comes along is the "End of Eve" Funny, it's still here. If they had lived through all the Caldari Nerfs, they'd understand why I have no sympathy for them.

Pirates and Nanobears - The biggest whiniest crybaby's in EVE

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brief War...School, and new War

After Kel's Dec Shield dropped, the Priv's came back. They didn't find a very welcome reception though and really got pounded on pretty hard. With the eff. ending around 86%, it just didn't go well for them at all. And if I had a heart, which I don't cause I ripped mine out a long time ago to become a Lich as part of my Evil Overlord in Training course, I might even feel sympathy. Not.

Ah well. Thanks to one class being canceled and me having to take it 2nd term, I have 4 classes at the moment, which doesn't leave much energy for EVE. So I mostly work on trying to get the standings transfered for the Uni Caldari FW corp.

I do have a new war though, on the critters under the house. So far only 1 has fallen, but there's at least one more, but he ran off before I got the pellet rifle. Still, I'll get more glue traps tomorrow and see about making life a bit more hellish for them. And maybe order those .45 ACP shotshells in case a slithery critter shows up under the house.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

War is finally over!

Ahhhh, the joys of having your own pet evil diplomat. The war finally ends, though Uber-"I'm a Moron!" BC hastings is stooping to can flipping to try and continue the fight. The students got told to ignore him, which should infuriate him even more. I'm glad the war is over though, now we can all make some money and get back to the other parts of EVE. Right at this very moment, I'm scanning down exploration sites....I should be missioning to make isk but...well, it's boring. This is boring too but I haven't done it much so instead of dull boring it's not quite so dull boring. Or something along those lines.

Faction warfare is coming soon, so I'll have to work on getting things set up for those students wanting to be involved in it. I'm also considering moving one of my combat alts over to MM to play with Sabre's main and get into the bigger wars. But I want some more support skills first...and a padded wallet.

Classes are started for the summer. whee. I can't contain my excitement. But this is the last summer I have them so hooray!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Priva-Tears! or crying Mommy when the noobs won't play your way.

The privateers are threatening Dire Revenge after Kel's latest evil plan. Maybe they're planning on hiding from us even further away and undocking even less? After 7 weeks of war, that they're still losing, now they have to pay a billion isk per week. Thanks to their less than stellar math skills, even their own COAD post mocks them "Billions for 1 day of peace?" The only billions involved is on their new war dec fee.

BC Hastings apparently cannot stand the fact that every time the Privateers have fought us, they end up losing the war. All their claims about us not teaching PVP, or teaching blob warfare or murdering poor helpless gankers is just window dressing for BC's personal sense of failure, shame and inferiority. The longer this goes on, the deeper he digs the hole. He knows we will not pay his ransom demands, he knows he can't really win, he knows he looks like a buffoon and idiot to the rest of eve and no amount of alt-smacking on the forums can save him.

We should have pity on BC though, he likely needs professional help to overcome his "true" age of 3 years old. Except that I have no pity for him or any of his ilk. I got lots of contempt, when I bother to even notice him.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A long war, vacation and stolen kills

Stole a few more kills recently, been having good luck on getting in the last hit on a few targets. It irks Sabre to no end. I can live with that, he needs a bit of poking.

The war is dragging on but I'm not worried. The Privateers seem unable or unwilling to really push the issue and we continue to beat them by the only measuring stick we care about. This past week three more corps dropped from their Alliance and I get the impression this trend will continue. Alot of students have left, but we've still got enough to crush the Privateers when needed. More importantly, we're getting back to our roots, electronic warfare.

I sort of pity the next fool to dec us after this war ends. We've grown a VERY hard core of capable PVP pilots. They may not have tons of SP yet, but the point is they've experience now, alot of it and that means far more than SP's will.

Was on vacation for a couple of weeks, helping my dad build a playhouse for my niece and nephew...though considering it's built to pretty much house standard, with normal height ceilings, real shingles and a porch with swing, it's a bit beyond most playhouses. Still, nailguns are fun, but murder on the hands if you have arthritis like me. I'll snap a few pics of it next time I go home.

Saturday I went to practice rifle for the upcoming rifle match. Did 20 rounds standing, 20 rapid fire sitting and 20 rapid fire prone. Used the rat gun for that (Bushmaster CMP competition rifle). Then switched and did 32 rounds of prone and standing with the M-1 Garand. More fun but not as nice. Course, it's not a competition rifle but it's fun.

Now I think I'm going to go eat some blue bell. Best flavor I could find was Mint Chocolate Chip, but I'll manage;)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Privateers - Ready for another beating?

It seems that a privateer, who died during our rampage, whined and now their alliance CEO is all in a lather. Cept he forgot he DID NOT have positive standings and had only gone from -5 to neutral and was told any criminally flagged guys were fair game.

Still, if he's itching to get pounded on again by the Uni, we'll be happy to do it. Every previous war with them has led to privateers running to the boonies of EVE in an attempt to hide from roaming Uni war gangs. We crushed them so hard their own pilots have complained on the forums that they hate fighting us. Apparently he's got a new bunch that thinks 'blobs' are cheating. Seems to me the little crybaby needs to go play WOW if he wants fair fights. This is EVE, where fair fights happen only by accident.

Definitely WARBEER! time again.

Monday, March 3, 2008

After the Rampage

The Rampage was to my mind a success. Fleet size when we left was 189 ships. We scared the hell out of everything in our path and when we hit 0.0, the camp there fled and we destroyed their bubble. Since no one else showed up, we moved on then, heading to the low sec area that was our target. We managed to destroy 4 battleships, a HAC and a command ship, which undocked, thinking he'd be able to dock before we could hurt him. He vaporized in about 5 seconds. There were some smaller ships but they don't matter as much. We lost some frigs and a small reinforcement group, including a battleship but we still destroyed far more isk than we lost.

The smack talk from the local pirates was glorious however. Whining about blobs and noobs, while they hid in stations, soiling their pods. It cracks me up that they whined about being outnumbered, yet they laugh when their victims in haulers get angry about getting killed by 4-5 battleships. Pirates are the biggest wimps and carebears in EVE. They take no real risks, they seek no real challenge. They are nothing but subhuman gank monkeys, deserving nothing but contempt and derision. I like spoiling their day and our actions allowed a great many haulers and decent players to move freely about the area while the pirates cowered in station. I love it.

I feel another rampage coming...this time in 0.0, involving huge.....warp disruption bubbles! MUAHAHAHA.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time for a Uni Rampage

Every so often, the Uni holds what I term rampages. The students hop into combat ships and we go into 0.0 or low sec and hunt people that are low security status or red to us. We even bubble up gates and while we let neutrals and blues by, anything red dies, as does anyone that attacks us, like the Event group from Mordu's legion that attacked us once in EC-P8R.

Typically we manage a few kills and cause trouble, it's a great deal of fun really and I have hopes that it will be again this time. I'm also hoping we might catch a hostile cap ship and get to kill it. At the very least, we'll scare the hell out of the local pirates when we come through. I have high hopes that turnout will mean a fleet of 100 plus, with wishes for 200. I think it's fun sometimes to show just how strong the Uni can really be and these rampages show our flag to the rest of eve.

If the pirates won't play with us in low sec, we might go into 0.0 to look for some. Might have to see about getting a T2 large bubble for that.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

No Tourney for the Uni, Plus a new Rakateers War

Apparently we missed out on the tourney and it was filled up really fast, which is sad but has happened to us before.

In other news, RAK once again war decced the Uni, looking to garner publicity and lots of grudge decs. However we instituted a no-publicity policy and told no one of the war, simply closed recruiting and got ready. The first couple days were fairly dull, with Rak playing Nano-Git games with inties again until they met the fury of Anti-Interceptor Myrmidons, new and faster Uni Interceptors and the Evilness that is Harloc's Vagabond of Doom. Needless to say the poor inty getting chased by the Vaga with twice his speed cracks me up.

Then for some reason, they formed up a fleet of a couple cruisers, a couple inties and a bunch of destroyers and jumped right into a hasty gate camp we set up on the Osmon gate in Korsiki. I set up for close range, Fury T2 cruises, sensor boosters loaded with scan resolution scripts and warped to the gate as they jumped over. Got in on 5 kills, including pods. Destroyer's versus T2 High Damage Furies was pretty amusing. I don't think I got off 2 volleys at any target before it went boom. They had brought a Basilisk with them, but I'm not sure they realized he would turn flashy when it began repping them so I lit it up with cruises and stripped off half it's shields before it warped off.

Today was fairly dull, til I left and they brought down 6 smart bombing battleships and not only did they set off concord but they got hammered by the Uni. As it stands, we are ahead in both kills and isk value destroyed. We still had some afk losses but RAK retracted the war, apparently deciding that it wasn't worth it and they still seem unable to deal with groups that work together in numbers over 10 and fight with discipline, forethought and make effective use of scouting and electronic warfare.

Rak have never been nothing more than an annoyance but apparently this time they didn't even manage that. I also made sure that their lag bomb trick wouldn't hurt us by forbidding fleet operations in their home system.

They definitely earned their "I got WTFOFMGBBQ'd by Eve Uni" T-shirts this time. Maybe I'll suggest we come up with a way to sell Eve Uni T-shirts with that theme. Have to pass it along.

Once more new people stepped up to lead though, I should do more 'vacation' wars more often.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tourney coming up.

It looks like we're going to make another run in the alliance tourney. I think we'll be better prepared this time and with the rule that you can't use pirate implants, it will help out alot. I'm not sure what we'll try yet, and it'd be secret anyway but we do plan to be better organized this time and hopefully we won't also be in the middle of a war again. That was a real crimp in our ability to do much for the tourney in the way of prep time.

Tourney will be fun though, especially if we do better this year. Looking forward to it. Meanwhile, making the iskies via missions and hopefully one day I'll have enough to buy a freighter, that would be quite useful.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

End of the Wars!

Hooray! The wars are over and the cleanup starts. Time to get out and make some isk, these wars always seem to drain off all my cash. I do think that I'm going to have to bite the bullet and train some skills to make it easier for me to chase down all these stupid interceptors. They really irk me. Eventually though, they will correct the problem and speed will get nerfed like everything else has and then they'll have to fight.

I am glad that the wars are over though and we can once again accept students and resume normal operations. It's about damn time.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A very sad Deranged Carebear

For the past couple days, it seems that right after I log in, the war targets beat feet and rush to the nearest station and dock up. Then go AFK for hours on end. Since I'm popping on at a variety of times, it's not like there's a set schedule. It's a little annoying as I enjoy killing the war targets and have fun leading the fleets but if they vanish when I appear, it doesn't help us that much.

Course, it could be time I start a super secret alt to lead from but given how many spies are in the Uni, I'm sure it won't be long before they figure out who it is. It still makes me laugh how desperate the current targets are trying to get spies onto our TS and into the corp. It's even funnier since it won't actually help them much. I can't wait for the speed nerf though. Our current targets are experts at the "RUN AWAY RUN AWAY!" tactic. They must be so proud. They should boast loudly in local chat "Nobody runs away faster than me!"

Ahh well. I'm sure that this war will end soon and we'll have peace. Maybe then I can finish up the skills I need, earn some isk and maybe buy a set of snake implants to chase these gits down when they run away. I'll talk to Kodell about how to make a vagabond break 15 kps.

I will add links to some of the other blogs from the Uni, just as soon as I figure out how...or pester Dee into helping me.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A new war or Hell for the Friend Corp

3 days of peace. Talk about annoying. I would pity the Friends Corp for deccing us so soon, but I have no mercy for vermin. Apparently they got a nasty shock as they're already way behind on the killboard in isk destroyed and the comments on their killboard losses to each other are quite telling. I was lucky enough to get the first kill of the war, with the able assistance of the Uni Horde and they were not happy about it. So far their losses are 2 battleships, 1 recon ship, 1 Heavy Assault ship and 2 Interceptors, plus 4 pods. Our losses are 10 frigates, 2 battlecruisers, 1 interceptor, 1 cruiser and 6 pods. We can sustain that kind of loss rate indefinately, I doubt they can do the same.

It's always funny how it's a shock to our war targets how we fight. You would think their spies would tell them. The Uni may not have a standing military but we do train our pilots to fight a war AS a military. We fight in disciplined units, with pilots acting only on orders and we fight to win. We do not fight 1v1's or make any attempt to fight 'fair'. If we can crush our enemy 30 to 1, so much the better. Our job is to win for our corp, not offer our targets any kind of fun or fair fights. But if these wars do continue, we may transition to a standing navy. I've been trying to avoid that but it may not be possible. It would make things easier in a way. Maybe I'll talk that over with the boss lady and MM. Prolly have to move it to a second corp in the alliance. Wouldn't affect classes that much and would help a bit I think.

I hope these wars end soon. I'm tired of it myself.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Coming out of the Holidays and Rak War

As always happens, we got a war dec during finals week and the holidays. This time by subhuman vermin called Racketeers. Thanks to a single faction fitted CNR loss, we lost the war on an isk basis but essentially had them camped in stations, only moving around in the outer reaches of Empire. It's sad the amount of forum whoring they did as well, thinking everything we did was about them and because of them.

They were nothing but an annoyance and I get the feeling they will NOT redec us lest they spend another few weeks sitting in stations. They talk real brave when few Uni pilots are on, then when we come out to fight they flee like the roaches they are. We proved we can shut them down and rip them a new one if they are brave enough to come out in force.

The thing that irritates me more is this tendency to war dec us during the holidays. Seems like EVERY time I'll be away, someone declares war, even if I don't announce it to anyone.

Ubercado did an excellent job this war, as did many of our other experienced and budding FC's. It's important that people try to lead on their own, rather than having to sit around and wait for someone to log on. Sure, they might get themselves and their fleet wiped, but that's how you learn. I'd rather have that happen than see more barge and hauler kills. Those are the ones that drive me up the wall.

I need to run the Squadron commander course and perhaps another level up. But it's very hard to tell people how to conduct empire wars beyond what we do essentially at the squadron level. Maybe I'll just do it as a question answer session and discuss gate camps and how to use a large fleet to cover a system.