Friday, January 18, 2008

Tourney coming up.

It looks like we're going to make another run in the alliance tourney. I think we'll be better prepared this time and with the rule that you can't use pirate implants, it will help out alot. I'm not sure what we'll try yet, and it'd be secret anyway but we do plan to be better organized this time and hopefully we won't also be in the middle of a war again. That was a real crimp in our ability to do much for the tourney in the way of prep time.

Tourney will be fun though, especially if we do better this year. Looking forward to it. Meanwhile, making the iskies via missions and hopefully one day I'll have enough to buy a freighter, that would be quite useful.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

End of the Wars!

Hooray! The wars are over and the cleanup starts. Time to get out and make some isk, these wars always seem to drain off all my cash. I do think that I'm going to have to bite the bullet and train some skills to make it easier for me to chase down all these stupid interceptors. They really irk me. Eventually though, they will correct the problem and speed will get nerfed like everything else has and then they'll have to fight.

I am glad that the wars are over though and we can once again accept students and resume normal operations. It's about damn time.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A very sad Deranged Carebear

For the past couple days, it seems that right after I log in, the war targets beat feet and rush to the nearest station and dock up. Then go AFK for hours on end. Since I'm popping on at a variety of times, it's not like there's a set schedule. It's a little annoying as I enjoy killing the war targets and have fun leading the fleets but if they vanish when I appear, it doesn't help us that much.

Course, it could be time I start a super secret alt to lead from but given how many spies are in the Uni, I'm sure it won't be long before they figure out who it is. It still makes me laugh how desperate the current targets are trying to get spies onto our TS and into the corp. It's even funnier since it won't actually help them much. I can't wait for the speed nerf though. Our current targets are experts at the "RUN AWAY RUN AWAY!" tactic. They must be so proud. They should boast loudly in local chat "Nobody runs away faster than me!"

Ahh well. I'm sure that this war will end soon and we'll have peace. Maybe then I can finish up the skills I need, earn some isk and maybe buy a set of snake implants to chase these gits down when they run away. I'll talk to Kodell about how to make a vagabond break 15 kps.

I will add links to some of the other blogs from the Uni, just as soon as I figure out how...or pester Dee into helping me.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A new war or Hell for the Friend Corp

3 days of peace. Talk about annoying. I would pity the Friends Corp for deccing us so soon, but I have no mercy for vermin. Apparently they got a nasty shock as they're already way behind on the killboard in isk destroyed and the comments on their killboard losses to each other are quite telling. I was lucky enough to get the first kill of the war, with the able assistance of the Uni Horde and they were not happy about it. So far their losses are 2 battleships, 1 recon ship, 1 Heavy Assault ship and 2 Interceptors, plus 4 pods. Our losses are 10 frigates, 2 battlecruisers, 1 interceptor, 1 cruiser and 6 pods. We can sustain that kind of loss rate indefinately, I doubt they can do the same.

It's always funny how it's a shock to our war targets how we fight. You would think their spies would tell them. The Uni may not have a standing military but we do train our pilots to fight a war AS a military. We fight in disciplined units, with pilots acting only on orders and we fight to win. We do not fight 1v1's or make any attempt to fight 'fair'. If we can crush our enemy 30 to 1, so much the better. Our job is to win for our corp, not offer our targets any kind of fun or fair fights. But if these wars do continue, we may transition to a standing navy. I've been trying to avoid that but it may not be possible. It would make things easier in a way. Maybe I'll talk that over with the boss lady and MM. Prolly have to move it to a second corp in the alliance. Wouldn't affect classes that much and would help a bit I think.

I hope these wars end soon. I'm tired of it myself.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Coming out of the Holidays and Rak War

As always happens, we got a war dec during finals week and the holidays. This time by subhuman vermin called Racketeers. Thanks to a single faction fitted CNR loss, we lost the war on an isk basis but essentially had them camped in stations, only moving around in the outer reaches of Empire. It's sad the amount of forum whoring they did as well, thinking everything we did was about them and because of them.

They were nothing but an annoyance and I get the feeling they will NOT redec us lest they spend another few weeks sitting in stations. They talk real brave when few Uni pilots are on, then when we come out to fight they flee like the roaches they are. We proved we can shut them down and rip them a new one if they are brave enough to come out in force.

The thing that irritates me more is this tendency to war dec us during the holidays. Seems like EVERY time I'll be away, someone declares war, even if I don't announce it to anyone.

Ubercado did an excellent job this war, as did many of our other experienced and budding FC's. It's important that people try to lead on their own, rather than having to sit around and wait for someone to log on. Sure, they might get themselves and their fleet wiped, but that's how you learn. I'd rather have that happen than see more barge and hauler kills. Those are the ones that drive me up the wall.

I need to run the Squadron commander course and perhaps another level up. But it's very hard to tell people how to conduct empire wars beyond what we do essentially at the squadron level. Maybe I'll just do it as a question answer session and discuss gate camps and how to use a large fleet to cover a system.