Monday, January 7, 2008

Coming out of the Holidays and Rak War

As always happens, we got a war dec during finals week and the holidays. This time by subhuman vermin called Racketeers. Thanks to a single faction fitted CNR loss, we lost the war on an isk basis but essentially had them camped in stations, only moving around in the outer reaches of Empire. It's sad the amount of forum whoring they did as well, thinking everything we did was about them and because of them.

They were nothing but an annoyance and I get the feeling they will NOT redec us lest they spend another few weeks sitting in stations. They talk real brave when few Uni pilots are on, then when we come out to fight they flee like the roaches they are. We proved we can shut them down and rip them a new one if they are brave enough to come out in force.

The thing that irritates me more is this tendency to war dec us during the holidays. Seems like EVERY time I'll be away, someone declares war, even if I don't announce it to anyone.

Ubercado did an excellent job this war, as did many of our other experienced and budding FC's. It's important that people try to lead on their own, rather than having to sit around and wait for someone to log on. Sure, they might get themselves and their fleet wiped, but that's how you learn. I'd rather have that happen than see more barge and hauler kills. Those are the ones that drive me up the wall.

I need to run the Squadron commander course and perhaps another level up. But it's very hard to tell people how to conduct empire wars beyond what we do essentially at the squadron level. Maybe I'll just do it as a question answer session and discuss gate camps and how to use a large fleet to cover a system.

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