Friday, January 11, 2008

A new war or Hell for the Friend Corp

3 days of peace. Talk about annoying. I would pity the Friends Corp for deccing us so soon, but I have no mercy for vermin. Apparently they got a nasty shock as they're already way behind on the killboard in isk destroyed and the comments on their killboard losses to each other are quite telling. I was lucky enough to get the first kill of the war, with the able assistance of the Uni Horde and they were not happy about it. So far their losses are 2 battleships, 1 recon ship, 1 Heavy Assault ship and 2 Interceptors, plus 4 pods. Our losses are 10 frigates, 2 battlecruisers, 1 interceptor, 1 cruiser and 6 pods. We can sustain that kind of loss rate indefinately, I doubt they can do the same.

It's always funny how it's a shock to our war targets how we fight. You would think their spies would tell them. The Uni may not have a standing military but we do train our pilots to fight a war AS a military. We fight in disciplined units, with pilots acting only on orders and we fight to win. We do not fight 1v1's or make any attempt to fight 'fair'. If we can crush our enemy 30 to 1, so much the better. Our job is to win for our corp, not offer our targets any kind of fun or fair fights. But if these wars do continue, we may transition to a standing navy. I've been trying to avoid that but it may not be possible. It would make things easier in a way. Maybe I'll talk that over with the boss lady and MM. Prolly have to move it to a second corp in the alliance. Wouldn't affect classes that much and would help a bit I think.

I hope these wars end soon. I'm tired of it myself.

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