Saturday, January 12, 2008

A very sad Deranged Carebear

For the past couple days, it seems that right after I log in, the war targets beat feet and rush to the nearest station and dock up. Then go AFK for hours on end. Since I'm popping on at a variety of times, it's not like there's a set schedule. It's a little annoying as I enjoy killing the war targets and have fun leading the fleets but if they vanish when I appear, it doesn't help us that much.

Course, it could be time I start a super secret alt to lead from but given how many spies are in the Uni, I'm sure it won't be long before they figure out who it is. It still makes me laugh how desperate the current targets are trying to get spies onto our TS and into the corp. It's even funnier since it won't actually help them much. I can't wait for the speed nerf though. Our current targets are experts at the "RUN AWAY RUN AWAY!" tactic. They must be so proud. They should boast loudly in local chat "Nobody runs away faster than me!"

Ahh well. I'm sure that this war will end soon and we'll have peace. Maybe then I can finish up the skills I need, earn some isk and maybe buy a set of snake implants to chase these gits down when they run away. I'll talk to Kodell about how to make a vagabond break 15 kps.

I will add links to some of the other blogs from the Uni, just as soon as I figure out how...or pester Dee into helping me.

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