Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time for a Uni Rampage

Every so often, the Uni holds what I term rampages. The students hop into combat ships and we go into 0.0 or low sec and hunt people that are low security status or red to us. We even bubble up gates and while we let neutrals and blues by, anything red dies, as does anyone that attacks us, like the Event group from Mordu's legion that attacked us once in EC-P8R.

Typically we manage a few kills and cause trouble, it's a great deal of fun really and I have hopes that it will be again this time. I'm also hoping we might catch a hostile cap ship and get to kill it. At the very least, we'll scare the hell out of the local pirates when we come through. I have high hopes that turnout will mean a fleet of 100 plus, with wishes for 200. I think it's fun sometimes to show just how strong the Uni can really be and these rampages show our flag to the rest of eve.

If the pirates won't play with us in low sec, we might go into 0.0 to look for some. Might have to see about getting a T2 large bubble for that.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

No Tourney for the Uni, Plus a new Rakateers War

Apparently we missed out on the tourney and it was filled up really fast, which is sad but has happened to us before.

In other news, RAK once again war decced the Uni, looking to garner publicity and lots of grudge decs. However we instituted a no-publicity policy and told no one of the war, simply closed recruiting and got ready. The first couple days were fairly dull, with Rak playing Nano-Git games with inties again until they met the fury of Anti-Interceptor Myrmidons, new and faster Uni Interceptors and the Evilness that is Harloc's Vagabond of Doom. Needless to say the poor inty getting chased by the Vaga with twice his speed cracks me up.

Then for some reason, they formed up a fleet of a couple cruisers, a couple inties and a bunch of destroyers and jumped right into a hasty gate camp we set up on the Osmon gate in Korsiki. I set up for close range, Fury T2 cruises, sensor boosters loaded with scan resolution scripts and warped to the gate as they jumped over. Got in on 5 kills, including pods. Destroyer's versus T2 High Damage Furies was pretty amusing. I don't think I got off 2 volleys at any target before it went boom. They had brought a Basilisk with them, but I'm not sure they realized he would turn flashy when it began repping them so I lit it up with cruises and stripped off half it's shields before it warped off.

Today was fairly dull, til I left and they brought down 6 smart bombing battleships and not only did they set off concord but they got hammered by the Uni. As it stands, we are ahead in both kills and isk value destroyed. We still had some afk losses but RAK retracted the war, apparently deciding that it wasn't worth it and they still seem unable to deal with groups that work together in numbers over 10 and fight with discipline, forethought and make effective use of scouting and electronic warfare.

Rak have never been nothing more than an annoyance but apparently this time they didn't even manage that. I also made sure that their lag bomb trick wouldn't hurt us by forbidding fleet operations in their home system.

They definitely earned their "I got WTFOFMGBBQ'd by Eve Uni" T-shirts this time. Maybe I'll suggest we come up with a way to sell Eve Uni T-shirts with that theme. Have to pass it along.

Once more new people stepped up to lead though, I should do more 'vacation' wars more often.