Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time for a Uni Rampage

Every so often, the Uni holds what I term rampages. The students hop into combat ships and we go into 0.0 or low sec and hunt people that are low security status or red to us. We even bubble up gates and while we let neutrals and blues by, anything red dies, as does anyone that attacks us, like the Event group from Mordu's legion that attacked us once in EC-P8R.

Typically we manage a few kills and cause trouble, it's a great deal of fun really and I have hopes that it will be again this time. I'm also hoping we might catch a hostile cap ship and get to kill it. At the very least, we'll scare the hell out of the local pirates when we come through. I have high hopes that turnout will mean a fleet of 100 plus, with wishes for 200. I think it's fun sometimes to show just how strong the Uni can really be and these rampages show our flag to the rest of eve.

If the pirates won't play with us in low sec, we might go into 0.0 to look for some. Might have to see about getting a T2 large bubble for that.

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