Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Privateers - Ready for another beating?

It seems that a privateer, who died during our rampage, whined and now their alliance CEO is all in a lather. Cept he forgot he DID NOT have positive standings and had only gone from -5 to neutral and was told any criminally flagged guys were fair game.

Still, if he's itching to get pounded on again by the Uni, we'll be happy to do it. Every previous war with them has led to privateers running to the boonies of EVE in an attempt to hide from roaming Uni war gangs. We crushed them so hard their own pilots have complained on the forums that they hate fighting us. Apparently he's got a new bunch that thinks 'blobs' are cheating. Seems to me the little crybaby needs to go play WOW if he wants fair fights. This is EVE, where fair fights happen only by accident.

Definitely WARBEER! time again.

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