Sunday, May 25, 2008

Priva-Tears! or crying Mommy when the noobs won't play your way.

The privateers are threatening Dire Revenge after Kel's latest evil plan. Maybe they're planning on hiding from us even further away and undocking even less? After 7 weeks of war, that they're still losing, now they have to pay a billion isk per week. Thanks to their less than stellar math skills, even their own COAD post mocks them "Billions for 1 day of peace?" The only billions involved is on their new war dec fee.

BC Hastings apparently cannot stand the fact that every time the Privateers have fought us, they end up losing the war. All their claims about us not teaching PVP, or teaching blob warfare or murdering poor helpless gankers is just window dressing for BC's personal sense of failure, shame and inferiority. The longer this goes on, the deeper he digs the hole. He knows we will not pay his ransom demands, he knows he can't really win, he knows he looks like a buffoon and idiot to the rest of eve and no amount of alt-smacking on the forums can save him.

We should have pity on BC though, he likely needs professional help to overcome his "true" age of 3 years old. Except that I have no pity for him or any of his ilk. I got lots of contempt, when I bother to even notice him.


Wen the Surprised said...

Hi I actually had a question about something you said in your feb 7th entry. I was wondering what the anti interceptor Myrmidon was loaded out with. I love the posts, keep up the good work.

Silentbrick said...

Basically you fill the highs with drone link augmentors, the mids with drone speed mods and a drone tracking enhancer, then put a tank in the lows.

You can also put rigs for extra range and speed on.