Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brief War...School, and new War

After Kel's Dec Shield dropped, the Priv's came back. They didn't find a very welcome reception though and really got pounded on pretty hard. With the eff. ending around 86%, it just didn't go well for them at all. And if I had a heart, which I don't cause I ripped mine out a long time ago to become a Lich as part of my Evil Overlord in Training course, I might even feel sympathy. Not.

Ah well. Thanks to one class being canceled and me having to take it 2nd term, I have 4 classes at the moment, which doesn't leave much energy for EVE. So I mostly work on trying to get the standings transfered for the Uni Caldari FW corp.

I do have a new war though, on the critters under the house. So far only 1 has fallen, but there's at least one more, but he ran off before I got the pellet rifle. Still, I'll get more glue traps tomorrow and see about making life a bit more hellish for them. And maybe order those .45 ACP shotshells in case a slithery critter shows up under the house.

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