Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A *snort* war and school coming to a close

The past week we have a had a 'war'. Pretty much 5 kills each side but we have 98% efficiency. Apparently they had no clue what they were getting into and I'm sorry but a six man corp vs a 1100 person alliance doesn't tend to win much. Too bad for them.

School is finally coming to a close for the term, FINALLY! So tired of it. Course, fall term starts in a few weeks. The other good news is the end of the Nano-exploit era is coming to close. CCP is finally working out ways to fix it so that speed-tanking no longer makes you totally immune to damage and is more in line with other tanks. All the pitiful whiny crybaby nano-carebears are hilarious. A much needed kick in the forks for them. I love how their grandiose claims decry it's the end of EVE. Please. Every nerf that comes along is the "End of Eve" Funny, it's still here. If they had lived through all the Caldari Nerfs, they'd understand why I have no sympathy for them.

Pirates and Nanobears - The biggest whiniest crybaby's in EVE

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