Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grrrr.....SO CLOSE!!

Last night was fun. It would have been more fun, if the silly wartargets had been willing to play, but they rarely ever seem to. Since they had been hiding and retracted the war, kills against Crimson Federation have been very few and far between. Dee, Saphion, and I managed to kill a poly'd ishtar, but last night, our war targets brought a cap ship out while I was running a noobship operation.

Once our nefarious and highly secret Intel department reported the cap ship, I ordered the noobship fleet to race back to Korsiki and load for bear. Meanwhile, I went off and got the Uni Cap ship pilots online and we moved into position as the fleet returned to the enemy area, with a full up combat fleet. With our fleet ready and our cap ships lurking outside of stations 10 light years away to hot drop on the enemy, we waited for the opportunity to strike. Sadly, all the fleet got was another ishtar and a bunch of smack from the ishtar pilot.

It always makes me laugh. If your 50 man alliance declares war on a 1200 person alliance, you don't get to complain about 30-1 odds. Besides, what these people always fail to understand is that there is a difference between pvp and war. Sure, we have pvp in the Uni. But when someone decs us, we gear up to fight wars. That means we are going to fight to win while trying to ensure that our enemies can do nothing but sit there frying in their pods while we vaporize their ships. War isn't about fair or even odds. It's about destroying the enemy and not letting him do that to you.

Sadly, their cap ship pilot didn't take the bait, and instead they dropped one of their pilots to an NPC corp to start bringing in the rest of their cap ships. As we didn't have enough intel to determine exactly how many or what kind of additional ships they had, I ordered the fleet back to Korsiki. I'm not going to put our cap fleet at risk without good intel, so there was no way I was going to engage blindly. Sometimes I'm amazed how many cap ships we have though. If we'd had our full cap ship fleet though, we'd of gone in as there's no way their corp would be able to match us.

All in all, it was fun, sitting in my carrier, waiting for the word to make the first ever combat drop of Uni cap ships, but alas it will have to wait for another time.

I must take a moment to say how proud I am of the Uni pilots though. We couldn't tell them exactly what was going on, as we're always riddled with spies, but they did great turning around and switching to full blown combat operations. They were patient and disciplined, which is why I think the Uni always does so well during wartime. Our LSA, the low sec apprenticeship program also did great, playing bait and being ready to open the door for the cap fleet. And of course, our Intel guys, who always amaze me with their absolute professionalism and tremendous work, despite having to work in secret and unable to receive proper and very much deserved praise.

People sometimes ask why I don't leave the Uni and go join a 0.0 alliance...and the people are why. Eve is a very dangerous and dark place, full of people who like to play mean, and yet our alliance is filled with the kind of people I enjoy playing with. Ones that like helping and will share their own time, isk and items with a fellow Uni member, with no expectation of reward or praise. And they are willing to put their own stuff at risk, cause when someone goes after a Uni member, help is never far away. It's not uncommon for ore thieves and griefers to whine that seconds after they steal, it's like a pack of wolves has been unleashed on their trail. Sure, our students are noobs....but they are also family and they stick together. And to hit one is to hit all and so all will hit you back. That's why the Uni is the best corp in EVE.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brave Brave Sir Wartarget....NOT!!

Once more, we have war targets in frigates, inties and polycarbed Vexors bravely running through Korsiki, and then out again. Clearly this is their current method of 'winning' and stroking their e-peens. They are clearly brain damaged or something. They have declared war on us. Showing that they can run away very fast isn't very intimidating, it's not even funny. It's actually sort of dull and boring and very pathetic. They don't win anything by zipping through the system, but clearly it makes them feel good and special.

Maybe with a few more of their corpses, we can dissect them enough to figure it out. But for now, I stick to what I do know. Wartargets are not humans, they are merely vermin, below even slime molds or roaches.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

EVE Blogroll and a new War.

First off, yay for being added to the EVE Blogroll, though I suspect I'll find our enemies sneaking here to try and gain intel. But then, maybe not. Most of them don't even know who we are until AFTER they declare war. Still, cool to be on it.

And a new war, against Haiduken. They've got about 40 people in one corp and 9 in their secondary corp. Basically mission gankers. Course, they should have learned our rules first, no missioning in war time so all the expensive toys get put up and out come the combat ships. Since we only use T2 or T1 and not faction ships and gear, you generally can't make a profit fighting us. Still, it's good to have a war again, I like killing people in Eve. I can run about 2 missions before I get bored and only can mine now if I'm doing something else, like RPing on a Mush or something while the roids get munched.

But, war is here, which means tapping the Warbeer kegs, taking the leashes off all the students and feeding them scraps of raw meat. I would pity our war targets, but I ripped my heart out long ago to become a Lich. So there's no mercy or pity there.