Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brave Brave Sir Wartarget....NOT!!

Once more, we have war targets in frigates, inties and polycarbed Vexors bravely running through Korsiki, and then out again. Clearly this is their current method of 'winning' and stroking their e-peens. They are clearly brain damaged or something. They have declared war on us. Showing that they can run away very fast isn't very intimidating, it's not even funny. It's actually sort of dull and boring and very pathetic. They don't win anything by zipping through the system, but clearly it makes them feel good and special.

Maybe with a few more of their corpses, we can dissect them enough to figure it out. But for now, I stick to what I do know. Wartargets are not humans, they are merely vermin, below even slime molds or roaches.

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No'Wai said...

stop warring so i can join sht