Thursday, October 2, 2008

EVE Blogroll and a new War.

First off, yay for being added to the EVE Blogroll, though I suspect I'll find our enemies sneaking here to try and gain intel. But then, maybe not. Most of them don't even know who we are until AFTER they declare war. Still, cool to be on it.

And a new war, against Haiduken. They've got about 40 people in one corp and 9 in their secondary corp. Basically mission gankers. Course, they should have learned our rules first, no missioning in war time so all the expensive toys get put up and out come the combat ships. Since we only use T2 or T1 and not faction ships and gear, you generally can't make a profit fighting us. Still, it's good to have a war again, I like killing people in Eve. I can run about 2 missions before I get bored and only can mine now if I'm doing something else, like RPing on a Mush or something while the roids get munched.

But, war is here, which means tapping the Warbeer kegs, taking the leashes off all the students and feeding them scraps of raw meat. I would pity our war targets, but I ripped my heart out long ago to become a Lich. So there's no mercy or pity there.

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