Friday, November 21, 2008


One thing I have grown increasingly bored of is corps that war dec the Ivy League and basically don't show up. It's bad enough they used to zip through the area with nano's or hide in cloak, but pretty much now they won't even do that.

We have 2 dec's currently and when you boil it down, neither party is even fighting. I think I'm going to propose a new rule for War Dec's. If the corp/alliance that initiates the dec does not get a kill each day, for each day they fail to get one they must pay a penalty of 5 million isk PER member of the corp/alliance they war dec'd. So pretty much each day these wannabe's don't bother to even fight, they'd have to pay out 80 billion isk to Uni members. That's a fitting and fair punishment for being worthless cowards.