Tuesday, September 8, 2009

T2 Production

Talk about derailing your plans, the more I get into T2 production, the more of my skill training time it eats up.  Naturally I'm not going to say what sort of production I do, since I don't want any additional competition but now I have 2 accounts that this is eating training on.  This isn't a bad thing, as it takes me less time than running missions do and it's alot less boring.  I know I started off a miner and used to run missions alot, but that tends to be a bit boring for me.  Maybe I can work myself back into it.

It's kind of sad and amusing that my more focused alts equal my main Silentbrick in some combat areas.  Of course, they fall way short in all around capability.  It would be nice if CCP would let us 'combine' alts on an account and squish all the SP into one, then let us fix any overlap.  Of course, I still wouldn't be able to do that, since my 3 alts fulfill very different, specific positions.  POS Gunner/Packmule, Research assistant and production manager, wetworks girl.  Considering they're all in different corps does also cause a few issues.

Looking back, it's funny how frustrating it was to have so few skill points and yet so free of responsibilities.  My decisions didn't almost daily affect the game play of more than 1000 people.  There was no politics to deal with, only people I could shoot on sight, people I could shoot if they acted funny and people I wasn't supposed to shoot, and the fourth, secret category, people to run away from.  Sure it'd be nice to go back to that, but I suspect it wouldn't be fun for long.


Sean said...

But now you command a massive blob so you don't need to run anymore!

Silentbrick said...

Yeah but it's harder on you to lead than to follow. Sometimes I miss just being able to follow and not have to worry about anything besides my own ship.

Morganna said...

So far I know little about you, other than your eveMail msgs. Finding this blog will allow me to glean some knowledge of the RL person behind that intriguing avatar.

I know I've joined the right corp for my current level of advancement in the Eveverse; I know we have a smart, nasty carebear leading the defense of the Uni.

Morganna Markova, Freshman