Thursday, November 5, 2009


Let's sick, got sick again, applying Grad schools, took the GRE, lots of out of game things like that.

In game...

We've got another faildec, wartargets that dec us and then pretty much pop up 2-3 times during the entire week.  All they do is play docking games for the most part.  Why do they even bother?  Also had a spot of fun leading a fleet to reinforce some Uni's elsewhere, though it turned out a bust, cause the targets all ran away.  That really seems to be the story of my eve life these past two years.  Silentbrick logs in, targets all run away.  Honestly, it's rather depressing to have that happen.  And no, I don't want to join a 0.0 alliance and get 'all the targets' I can shoot.  My game satisfaction is hinged on seeing noobs slaughtered griefers and older players who prey on them.

Besides, it's fun watching people learn to pew pew and FC.  Still, the Uni really has been a good home for me and while the drama llama rears it's head from time to time, it doesn't really bug me anymore.  The world doesn't end because a few students get upset or whine.  Call me old and jaded but I'm not going to change doing what I think best for the Uni without someone making valid and compelling reasons for it.

Anyway, started the long haul to get Amarr BS 5, means less worry about changing skills and besides, it's not like I'll even remember what skill is training without looking once a day anyway.