Sunday, November 28, 2010

War again.

An update first.  I'm out of initial training and ready to head out into the field.  This is the fun part, waiting.

Anyway, the Uni has two new wars, again they are 'contracts' which always seem to be claimed so that people can attempt to deflect criticism for going after newbies.  It's honestly rather sad to see these guys always claim the exact same things.  Seriously, you could swap the names and the exact same drivel from them.  It also tells me there's alot of deeply flawed people out there.  Course I already knew that.

Anyway, I get the feeling this will be our standard wars, ie faildecs.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Update: Training

I'm still in training at the moment but I figured I'd dash off an update.  I now work for Halliburton Sperry as a MWD Field Engineer.  It pays great, you get to roam around and you get some rather awesome benefits.  I'm really looking forward to this posting and hope that I can do it for 4-5 years, since it pays some rather nice RL iskies.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Popcorn time!!!

It's official, I am starting work for Halliburton Sperry Drilling on Nov 15th.  This means posts will be a bit scarce while I adapt to my new life and lifestyle.  I'll more updates soon.  But let the RL Iskies roll!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A lesson in game mechanics

It's seems that our vocal friend calling for all griefers to join his alliance and 'kill' Eve University has gotten a very important lesson in Alliance mechanics. 

Click Here to Read

Poor Mitari Pontang, seems that someone created alt corps, joined his alliance to help him out and helped him right out of control of the alliance.  Since they cost a cool billion isk to create, that's an expensive way to lose the war, which is now ending.  Dunno what the guy will do with his alliance, he mentioned maybe selling it though.

You hear all the time about the big 'scandals' in EVE, but nothing is funnier than when wanna be 'bad boys' get scammed and wind up with a dumb look and wandering, "WTF just happened?!" 

Isn't Karma a real bitch?  Especially when she rams that 10 foot tree up your ass in the course of a lesson?

Oh and from some of the smack, apparently our mercs were attacking us due to some unhappy feelings from ex-Idle Empire members.  It's not my fault they decced the Uni while making the mistake of having a findable POS and losing it plus three carriers.  Oh wait, it is.  Oops.  Man that was fun.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Going to be gone a bit, flying out for a job interview.  If all goes well, it'll be awesome:)

Well, they finally show up....

And apparently at a time when nobody was around to really lead a fleet.  Not surprising really, bet we won't see them the rest of the war know.  They can say they 'showed' up and no one fought them.  I really just have to wonder where they been the rest of the week.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bored now.

I'm bored again, these war targets from both corps are utterly pathetic.  Some friends of ours are running something to keep people busy today and teach them some stuff, but I'm bored.  I miss actually /fighting/ wars, instead of just trying to keep from faceplanting onto my keyboard out of sheer boredom.  On the plus side, I'm going to be busy tomorrow, not with EVE but with fun things like hedge trimming and shingle replacing.  I would do it today but I'm not climbing on the roof or using power tools with cutting edges while this head cold has my head feeling like it's packed in cotton and stuck in a vise.

When is some INTELLIGENT and MONEY-HUNGRY software company going to remake X-COM, not in some stupid idiotic way but simply updating the things that make it great, turn based combat, creepy sounds and flaming awesome mix of the strategic and tactical fields of play.  They don't need to change X-COM's rules, just update graphics and such.  The core of the game is flaming perfect.

Friday, October 22, 2010

So.....this is war?

On the plus side, local is strangely quiet now.  It was even quiet last night.  Odd that (hehehehe).  Instead, we had 5-6 wartargets in local Drat last night who just....sat there.  Doing nothing.  I even sat outside station for a while and nothing happened, not even when I was all alone in a safe spot, uncloaked and not moving.  I might even have to change the rules for war-deccing the Uni now.  Yes, I wrote them, Eyedoll stole them and started posting them on the EVE-O forums.

Eve as I speak, there's 2 war targets in local but they might as well be in Jove space, they certainly aren't doing anything or attacking anyone.  You know, whoever is paying Everto Rex Regis to dec the Uni's, you wasted alot of money bub.  And what is with merc corps who won't fight?  Do they think it looks good on the old resume?  "Hey I know, let's dec the Uni and not show up to fight."  Yeah, how original.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Smack talk! Have they no shame?

Ubercado proposed this once, that there must be a website that our wartargets go to and download their smack talk, cause in 5 years, it hasn't changed.  It's the same boring, inane and vulgar crap, written by a 12 year old and spouted by morons who don't even understand how stupid it makes them look.

More telling, is the fact that the more they smack, the less they fight.  Which leads naturally to the thought "The Greater Smack, the Smaller the E-Peen."  The most hilarious thing they claim, is that we're farming the newbies for isk....well, if that's the case, where the hell is my cut?!  I'm poor in EVE.  Seriously poor.  I do believe though Uber is right, since these guys go on for HOURS in local,   It's really rather pathetic and makes me glad of our no talking policy.  The Uni does talk, we talk with railguns, blasters, cannons and missiles.

Someday I hope that we'll have war targets willing to fight and who don't live with their heads shoved up their ass, which why all that comes out of their mouths is shit.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 2 of the Tourney

And the Caldari win!  Hooray!  I'm not surprised but it's good too.  The ship mixes were even and while people again complained about ECM, there are ways to counter it.  The Gallente team got itself strung out and chewed up piecemeal.  The caldari had split into two groups and fought defensive, with concentrated fire on their targets.  I think again, it shows that it's more the effort and planning involved and not so much the ships.

I think I'll run some events as more exercises, with mixed fleets and Uber on one side and me on the other.  Make them learn and understand about planning and fitting your ships so they work together.  We need more of that.  Congrats to the Caldari Team.

Day 1 of the Tourney

Well, other than the delays for both matches, which I had anticipated though hoped to avoid, it went great.  Sure they only had about 2 days to get ready, but when I tried this and gave them 2 weeks to get ready, they still didn't start on time.

The first match was Caldari vs Amarr and the Caldari kind of stomped on the Amarr pretty hard.  ECM was a major factor, even with just 3 ECM ships on the Caldari side.  Amarr EW isn't as effective against Caldari ships.  I was a little surprised the Amarr didn't mount more launchers with FOF's.  Had I been their team captain, I think I would have done that.  Many Amarr ships are half missile now and it would have helped removed that advantage.

The second one was Gallente vs Minmatar and bets heavily favored the Minmatar.  There was a near consensus that the Minmatar would crush the Gallente without issue.  And for the first few minutes it looked that way.  But the Gallente team had a plan and it worked, they drew the Minmatar in, where they died in blaster range.  The Minmatar team thought that Autocannons were the King of Short Range, only to find the Queen was armed with a bloody anti-matter shotgun:p

Ironically, the second boxes for the final match were set up Caldari vs Gallente and the team captains got the same team.  Random selection gave them a 50% chance of this but it will still prove interesting.

Now they get the combat ships, 2 BC's, 2 Cruisers, 1 Destroyer, 1 EAS Frig and 4 frigates.  This will be an interesting match up and I'm curious to see how it will go.

You know, I really think the Alliance Tourney would be Awesome if they tried this one year.  Give every team a box of the same ships, so that there's less rock, paper, scissors in the strategies.  That means fitting and planning would be the real winner.  It really would be interesting.  It would also show the better FC's since that will be far more important.  You listening CCP?

Friday, October 15, 2010

And the Tourney is on!!

I really enjoy doing the box style tourneys.  Pick how many teams you want, figure up a theme for the tourney and then put a selection of ships in a box.  Randomly give the boxes to the captains and tell them to find pilots.  This time, we did pure race teams.

Each team got:
2 Cruisers (EWAR and Logistics)
2 Destroyers

2 EW Frigates
2 Combat Frigates Tier 3
1 Second Tier 3 combat Frigate
1 Tier 2 Combat Frigate

Total Ships per team: 10.

The winning team captains get a new box after the matches with new ships and get to find new pilots to fly them.

It's fun since this forces them to be creative and it's something of an RP style event with the racially themed teams.  It's always fun seeing what sort of fits and tactics they use.  Not revealing what's in the second boxes for the matches, too many Uni's read this.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

First day of the war.....and nothing!

Yes, that's right, absolutely war targets.  Which means we'll have to come up with some way to amuse the students.   The poor pirates are already hiding I'm sure, they know what a war for the Uni means.  I'm very tempted to do another Red Vs Blue with the odd shops again.  It's fun watching what people will use when they have to fly all the odd ships nobody flies normally.  I think I will.  The only question is, let them use T2 or make them stick to meta 0 for it.  They like T2 more and the vast majority of our students have far more isk than me anyway. 

Guess I'll have to send the alt off to Jita to buy ships and have them shipped down.  Still, it  will be fun.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I think, in my entire eve career, which started in 2005, I've only done one 'duel' or 1v1 with anyone not a corpie.  And that was with a can flipper, who wasn't happy that I killed his T2 fitted Punisher with a purely T1 fitted punisher.  This was after complaints of me using my flycatcher to kill.  And at the time I didn't have Amarr Frigates 5.

I don't really mind dueling corpies, since for me that's more about teaching than it is....whatever.  I just don't see the point in 1v1's, especially with war targets.  I'm not playing this game to duel, and since the duel is more about ship choice and fits than it is skill, I find 1v1's to be....pointless and boring, unless you're doing them with a corpie to demonstrate the wonders of support skills, that I find quite useful.   I guess my attitude is simply like that of Indy in Raiders of the Lost Ark, when he shoots the guy waving the sword around.

Some thoughts on the word "Fair" and eve.

A war target was 'shocked' that I would refuse to 1v1 him.  Considering his corp war decced mine, why would I give him that respect?  His 47 pilots, of which we've only seen 3, decced us, a 1400+ person corp.  This was not an agreed on war, so why would I owe him anything other than a painful death.

His Shuttle

His pod

Which I did grant.  Which he then claimed was lag, undocking in a system with about 20 people.

When people used to war dec the Uni, we'd always hear how it'd be 'unfair' if CCP protected us or that we shouldn't merit special treatment.  Which is fine, we learned to defend ourselves, quite well thank you very much.

So what sort of 'fair' do we owe anyone that war decs a corp set up to train new people, who are an average of 6 weeks in game and are still figuring out how it works.   If the hunting of newbies is 'fair' then is it not 'fair' for the newbies to gang up, use the methods provided in game for warfare, namely Electronic Warfare, and fight back?  I mean, it's 'fair' for older players to pick on newbies right?  According to the older players, it is.  So why do they cry so much when their tiny corps dec a corp with 1400+ people, and then fight back.  Isn't that what they were wanting?  Why else did they dec us?  And if our rules mean that all 1400+ of those newbies only have one goal in mind during war, which is killing our enemies, how is it 'unfair' that they hunt our war targets down with their friends?

As you can imagine, it's very confusing, this moving target of 'fair' in EVE, a game that allows you to kill anyone, anywhere, so long as you accept the consequences?  Isn't that what these corps do when they CHOOSE  dec a corp 28 times their size?  Or is it 'unfair', that through 5 years in the Uni with me as Military Director, we've learned how to crush these people.  I thought EVE was about sandbox, not 'fairness' and fluffy bunnies and Hello Kitty!.

So to all those wartargets out there, asking why we don't fight 'fair', allow me to explain one simple thing.

This is EVE and when you dec us, my plan isn't about you having fun, good fights, or anything other than getting killed the moment you undock.  I will smash every shiny toy of yours I can find and bury the rubble under a horde of bloodthirsty, pissed off newbies.  I will take your 'fair' and shove it so far up your arse that it'll replace the two braincells you had.  When I was learning EVE, nobody ever fought me 'fair' and I'm just passing along what you people taught me.

Oh look, a new war. With his own alliance all for himself!

I stole this from Miranda Glade's post, because it's silly to just reformat it.

War Commences: 2010-10-14 03:54

Alliance: Bl00d Bath and Beyond [ONYX7]
Alliance Creation Date: 2010-08-21
Created By: Tirnuen
Member Corps: Drunken Elf Dance Squad
Alliance History:

Corp: Drunken Elf Dance Squad [ELF7]
Corp Creation Date: 2010-08-20
Headquarters: Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
Founder: Tirnuen (no longer with corp)
CEO: Mitari Pontang
Member Count: 1

War Target
Character Name: Mitari Pontang
Character Creation: 2010-04-16
Battleclinic Presence: none
Eve-Online Forums Presence:

So, there's one of this guy and  he's never been killed and posted only one time on the EVE O forums.  This is clearly someone's alt and a huge waste of time for no reason.  Hopefully he does nothing and we can petition him for being a twit.  If there's ever combat in stations, I want a chainsaw so I can paint the walls and ceilings with the guts and blood of morons like this.

Here's his post from the Eve O forums.

well im an alt not gona say whos alt but anyways this alt has had an alliance in its name for a while gathering dust

so basicaly i used it to war deck IVY and i will do so till i A: quit eve or B: run out if isk

there is no motive other then boredom i ask all the griefer corps who want to kill ivy to drop an app into my alliance it will be accepted and i dont really care when u leave and i wont expect jack from you

Can you say P-E-T-I-T-I-O-N?  Knew you could.  Oh yeah, and when we find out who his main is, and we will, let's us just say that the wheels of justice work quietly in the dark.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eve Uni and the Rules of War

This is going to be wordy, but that's not really avoidable.  I want to explain the rules that Eve Uni operates under during wartime and how they came about.  Unfortunately, that means some history.

When I joined the Uni, there was no ILN.  There was no navy, there was no military, not even any actual formal classes.  We had no teamspeak server and everything we did was basically done over corp chat or gang chat  (There was no fleets either, no squads, nothing but one great lump of people, the gang.)  I'm not completely sure, it was a long time ago, but I talked to Morning Maniac about hosting what was one of the first formally announced classes.  Tackling.  I had originally joined to help fight, and the only training we'd gotten was on the job.  I also spent quite a bit of time listening to TheKiller8 talking about PVP.  So, we had the first tackling class.  And then an occasional other.  Then we joined something called The Big Blue and moved HQ from Nourv. to Korsiki.  Lots more things happened and eventually we left the big blue and were on our own.  There still wasn't much formal PVP training then and the only people allowed to FC were essentially myself, Sabre A and Ubercado.

This meant that when wars rolled around, people sat around waiting for one of the three of us to log in.  There was also not really any rules other than screaming lockdown in corp chat when war targets were in system.  So people were hauling, mining, missioning and doing who knows what during wars.  Typical war losses for this time frame was about 600-800+ ships PER WEEK.  If we were lucky, we might have 15-20 kills in return. Needless to say this wasn't acceptable.

So we started to experiment....with no doing non-war things if there was war targets anywhere close by.  It failed.  So no doing non-war things if there was war targets in the region.  It failed.  We tried banning only mining, but that still left tons of mission runners getting killed along with haulers so we banned haulers missions if there was war targets in the same area.  Anyway, to cut it short, we realized that in EVE Online that locator agents, spies and cloaking ships, there was no safe place, anywhere.

I also need to point out something, for a high sec corp like ours, there's only two assets that war targets can attack.  The first is a POS.  We have only one POS and at the first sniff of a war mail, it gets changed from research tower to deathstar.  The hows and why's of that aren't important, and should someone attack the tower, it's a chance for us to bleed them heavily.  The second asset is ships.  Miners, haulers, mission runners, these are all things that can be destroyed.   By removing them from the playing field, only one asset in this class remains, PVP ships.

So, when all is said and done, the goal and purpose of the rules is to limit the war targets to just two choices.  Attacking a deathstar POS in high sec without cap ships.  Doable, but not cheap.  Or he can fight our vast numbers and variety of PVP ships who all have one goal in mind, smashing his ship and picking up the goodies that fall out.

It took us about 4 years to reach the stage we're at with the current war time rules.  4 years of experience, trial and error, bloody failures and some successes to make EVE Uni one of the nastiest targets in EVE for griefer corps and smaller PVP corps.  We may not always win our wars, and some we win by the skin of our teeth, but nobody can accuse us of not being willing to fight back when war comes.  In some ways, our boredom is due to the success of our rules and our way of fighting.  It's a hard thing sometimes, but believe me when I say that some things are harder.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just a quick post and Denial

Just to remind everyone, the Ivy League and Eve University do not have capital ships.  Those are illusions or figments of your imagination.  Please, put down the Mindflood and seek professional help.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thumping the Gummi Bears....

Over a year ago, a german based corp called the Adventures of the Gummy Bears war decced Eve University.  They were a typical dec, nothing special.  Then one of our groups of students running wormhole sites came across a system with tons and tons of Gummy Bear POS's in it.  Most were offline, quite a few were not.  So we did some planning and we've killed 10 large towers so far, and put another into reinforced.  Ship kills have been rather varied, but include 1 carrier (Found empty at safe spot, no avail pilot to steal), 2 command ships, and assorted others.  We've also managed to steal a faction fitted Curse and a Guardian.  What's amusing is the Gummy Bears seem confused as to why we would come to this WH, spend hours and hours killing their towers and attacking them all cause they war-decced us a year ago.  Here's the answer....

Eve Uni never forgets our friends or our enemies.  Gummy was unrepentant about their dec, their desire to kill newbies and pad their  killboard.  Eve Uni is unrepentant about kicking our enemies in the forks until they squeal for mercy.  It doesn't matter how long it was since the crime they committed to earn their -10 standings from the Uni.  If we find you in a place where we can hurt you, then we will.  It as Keld so bluntly put it, a lesson for our students and for our enemies.  Our students are learning about Wormhole and POS warfare as well as patience and our enemies are learning that the newbies have teeth and will fight back.

The Gummy Bears have told us they don't care about these losses, but I can't imagine anyone having to sit there and watch as the unstoppable tide of newbies smash POS after POS, kills the ships they fight back with and discovers their deep safe spots and captures assets left alone without it hurting.  It would hurt me, no matter how much isk I have.

As always, I have to praise our students, they show patience, discipline and courage in fighting so far from home for long.  Such people are the joy that keeps me playing EVE Online.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let me deny the rumors...

There have been some rumors of late about Eve Uni roaming low sec and hot dropping dreads and carriers on poor unsuspecting carebears.....I mean pirates.  Allow me to reassure you.  The end is not nigh.  The Ivy League Navy and Eve University have no capital fleet.  Any sightings of these supposed Uni dreads and carriers and titans is merely the effect of a new form of Electronic Warfare we are testing.  We just make you think there's 5 capital ships with a 150 man support fleet.  What's actually there is just 4 battleships and 20 assorted other T1 ships.

As everyone knows, the only ships I fly are Ravens and Hulks, so there is no reason to panic if your overview says things like Armageddon or Revelation or Phoenix.  Instead, rest assured that it is merely an illusion and a group of Capital Energy Turrets didn't hit you for 5000+ points of damage.  It's all in your head.

Now I would like to announce that we ARE having a special on specially engraved silver coated meathooks.  Reserve your spot now in Ubercado's corpse collection and for a little extra, get that extra special hook for your cold, dessicated corpse to hang from.  After all, nothing says you're elite more than your own silver, engraved meathook.

And as always, to collect your "I got WTFOMFGBBQ'd by the Newbies of Eve Uni" T-shirt, just bring your kill mail to Aldrat Pator Tech School.  Just remember that if Ubercado shows up with a chainsaw and mentions it's time to shorten the line, RUN!!!

All other inquiries may be made to my secretary, "Bill".  Bill is the Caldari Marine Corps Mk XXXVII Warbot outside of my office.