Friday, October 15, 2010

And the Tourney is on!!

I really enjoy doing the box style tourneys.  Pick how many teams you want, figure up a theme for the tourney and then put a selection of ships in a box.  Randomly give the boxes to the captains and tell them to find pilots.  This time, we did pure race teams.

Each team got:
2 Cruisers (EWAR and Logistics)
2 Destroyers

2 EW Frigates
2 Combat Frigates Tier 3
1 Second Tier 3 combat Frigate
1 Tier 2 Combat Frigate

Total Ships per team: 10.

The winning team captains get a new box after the matches with new ships and get to find new pilots to fly them.

It's fun since this forces them to be creative and it's something of an RP style event with the racially themed teams.  It's always fun seeing what sort of fits and tactics they use.  Not revealing what's in the second boxes for the matches, too many Uni's read this.


Your Name Here said...

The second box is filled with the Uni's cap fleet. ;)

Memoocan said...

Simply put, I love it. It really gets teams working together and being creative in a far different environment than regular pvp. I had a blast as Caldari and can't wait to fight Gallente. With faildecs being so common, this is a great morale booster.


Silentbrick said...

I find it very fun as well, since you know it's a fight to the finish and there's no worries about other factors. I wish I could play in them too instead of just being the Ref.