Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 1 of the Tourney

Well, other than the delays for both matches, which I had anticipated though hoped to avoid, it went great.  Sure they only had about 2 days to get ready, but when I tried this and gave them 2 weeks to get ready, they still didn't start on time.

The first match was Caldari vs Amarr and the Caldari kind of stomped on the Amarr pretty hard.  ECM was a major factor, even with just 3 ECM ships on the Caldari side.  Amarr EW isn't as effective against Caldari ships.  I was a little surprised the Amarr didn't mount more launchers with FOF's.  Had I been their team captain, I think I would have done that.  Many Amarr ships are half missile now and it would have helped removed that advantage.

The second one was Gallente vs Minmatar and bets heavily favored the Minmatar.  There was a near consensus that the Minmatar would crush the Gallente without issue.  And for the first few minutes it looked that way.  But the Gallente team had a plan and it worked, they drew the Minmatar in, where they died in blaster range.  The Minmatar team thought that Autocannons were the King of Short Range, only to find the Queen was armed with a bloody anti-matter shotgun:p

Ironically, the second boxes for the final match were set up Caldari vs Gallente and the team captains got the same team.  Random selection gave them a 50% chance of this but it will still prove interesting.

Now they get the combat ships, 2 BC's, 2 Cruisers, 1 Destroyer, 1 EAS Frig and 4 frigates.  This will be an interesting match up and I'm curious to see how it will go.

You know, I really think the Alliance Tourney would be Awesome if they tried this one year.  Give every team a box of the same ships, so that there's less rock, paper, scissors in the strategies.  That means fitting and planning would be the real winner.  It really would be interesting.  It would also show the better FC's since that will be far more important.  You listening CCP?


justthisguy said...

Well, the Amarr team had 4 launchers. Three of them were on the Inquisitor, who had FOFs in the cargohold but exploded before it got a chance to use them.

A fun time was had though, thanks for setting it all up :)

justthisguy said...

Whoops, to clarify I meant four available launcher hardpoints. The fourth was on the arbitrator and was probably filled with RR instead.

Memoocan said...

I'd love to see an AT9 where they used this system. It would have a far different dynamic