Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eve Uni and the Rules of War

This is going to be wordy, but that's not really avoidable.  I want to explain the rules that Eve Uni operates under during wartime and how they came about.  Unfortunately, that means some history.

When I joined the Uni, there was no ILN.  There was no navy, there was no military, not even any actual formal classes.  We had no teamspeak server and everything we did was basically done over corp chat or gang chat  (There was no fleets either, no squads, nothing but one great lump of people, the gang.)  I'm not completely sure, it was a long time ago, but I talked to Morning Maniac about hosting what was one of the first formally announced classes.  Tackling.  I had originally joined to help fight, and the only training we'd gotten was on the job.  I also spent quite a bit of time listening to TheKiller8 talking about PVP.  So, we had the first tackling class.  And then an occasional other.  Then we joined something called The Big Blue and moved HQ from Nourv. to Korsiki.  Lots more things happened and eventually we left the big blue and were on our own.  There still wasn't much formal PVP training then and the only people allowed to FC were essentially myself, Sabre A and Ubercado.

This meant that when wars rolled around, people sat around waiting for one of the three of us to log in.  There was also not really any rules other than screaming lockdown in corp chat when war targets were in system.  So people were hauling, mining, missioning and doing who knows what during wars.  Typical war losses for this time frame was about 600-800+ ships PER WEEK.  If we were lucky, we might have 15-20 kills in return. Needless to say this wasn't acceptable.

So we started to experiment....with no doing non-war things if there was war targets anywhere close by.  It failed.  So no doing non-war things if there was war targets in the region.  It failed.  We tried banning only mining, but that still left tons of mission runners getting killed along with haulers so we banned haulers missions if there was war targets in the same area.  Anyway, to cut it short, we realized that in EVE Online that locator agents, spies and cloaking ships, there was no safe place, anywhere.

I also need to point out something, for a high sec corp like ours, there's only two assets that war targets can attack.  The first is a POS.  We have only one POS and at the first sniff of a war mail, it gets changed from research tower to deathstar.  The hows and why's of that aren't important, and should someone attack the tower, it's a chance for us to bleed them heavily.  The second asset is ships.  Miners, haulers, mission runners, these are all things that can be destroyed.   By removing them from the playing field, only one asset in this class remains, PVP ships.

So, when all is said and done, the goal and purpose of the rules is to limit the war targets to just two choices.  Attacking a deathstar POS in high sec without cap ships.  Doable, but not cheap.  Or he can fight our vast numbers and variety of PVP ships who all have one goal in mind, smashing his ship and picking up the goodies that fall out.

It took us about 4 years to reach the stage we're at with the current war time rules.  4 years of experience, trial and error, bloody failures and some successes to make EVE Uni one of the nastiest targets in EVE for griefer corps and smaller PVP corps.  We may not always win our wars, and some we win by the skin of our teeth, but nobody can accuse us of not being willing to fight back when war comes.  In some ways, our boredom is due to the success of our rules and our way of fighting.  It's a hard thing sometimes, but believe me when I say that some things are harder.


Herodotus Prime said...

Every "carebear" corp in Eve should use these principles. Griefers do their thing to elicit tears from weaker corps/players. They are the 5th grader beating up the kindergartners, just because they can. Denying them those "thrills" could only really be made better if we got logs of their impotent rage sent directly to our forums.

Always fascinating to learn the inner workings and back story of Uni policy. Thanks for sharing this.

blackhuey said...

It's sad that corps still feel that deccing EUni is smart, badass or cool.

If these people were badass, they'd dec Privateers or Agony. if they were smart, they'd realise that all they're doing is interrupting the training of future targets. If they were cool they'd understand how and why EUni contributes to everyone's Eve experience, not just that of the students.

It would be great to see an article in E-ON or something widely read explaining why it's uncool to dec EUni, and how it will always end in a frustrating war.

Until then, keep handing them their asses on a plate. o7 to my brothers in the Big Deuce.

Silentbrick said...

The Privatears won't fight anymore either. All Max and BC do know is take on lone frigates. If they see anything more than that, they sit in an OOC pos to hide. They really have become a fine example of ass monkey's.

Memoocan said...

Amen to this. Can we make this required reading for anyone thinking of deccing the Uni? I get tired of wars where our targets just run and waste our time.
We are far from a weak or unwilling opponent.