Thursday, October 14, 2010

First day of the war.....and nothing!

Yes, that's right, absolutely war targets.  Which means we'll have to come up with some way to amuse the students.   The poor pirates are already hiding I'm sure, they know what a war for the Uni means.  I'm very tempted to do another Red Vs Blue with the odd shops again.  It's fun watching what people will use when they have to fly all the odd ships nobody flies normally.  I think I will.  The only question is, let them use T2 or make them stick to meta 0 for it.  They like T2 more and the vast majority of our students have far more isk than me anyway. 

Guess I'll have to send the alt off to Jita to buy ships and have them shipped down.  Still, it  will be fun.

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Memoocan said...

It really is pretty sad that the majority of our wars turn out this way and the students have to find some way to amuse themselves.
I'm likin the RvB idea though :D