Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A lesson in game mechanics

It's seems that our vocal friend calling for all griefers to join his alliance and 'kill' Eve University has gotten a very important lesson in Alliance mechanics. 

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Poor Mitari Pontang, seems that someone created alt corps, joined his alliance to help him out and helped him right out of control of the alliance.  Since they cost a cool billion isk to create, that's an expensive way to lose the war, which is now ending.  Dunno what the guy will do with his alliance, he mentioned maybe selling it though.

You hear all the time about the big 'scandals' in EVE, but nothing is funnier than when wanna be 'bad boys' get scammed and wind up with a dumb look and wandering, "WTF just happened?!" 

Isn't Karma a real bitch?  Especially when she rams that 10 foot tree up your ass in the course of a lesson?

Oh and from some of the smack, apparently our mercs were attacking us due to some unhappy feelings from ex-Idle Empire members.  It's not my fault they decced the Uni while making the mistake of having a findable POS and losing it plus three carriers.  Oh wait, it is.  Oops.  Man that was fun.

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Kierrin Halcyon said...

Kitty Starr is officially a Classy Lady in my book. This was awesome.