Thursday, October 21, 2010

Smack talk! Have they no shame?

Ubercado proposed this once, that there must be a website that our wartargets go to and download their smack talk, cause in 5 years, it hasn't changed.  It's the same boring, inane and vulgar crap, written by a 12 year old and spouted by morons who don't even understand how stupid it makes them look.

More telling, is the fact that the more they smack, the less they fight.  Which leads naturally to the thought "The Greater Smack, the Smaller the E-Peen."  The most hilarious thing they claim, is that we're farming the newbies for isk....well, if that's the case, where the hell is my cut?!  I'm poor in EVE.  Seriously poor.  I do believe though Uber is right, since these guys go on for HOURS in local,   It's really rather pathetic and makes me glad of our no talking policy.  The Uni does talk, we talk with railguns, blasters, cannons and missiles.

Someday I hope that we'll have war targets willing to fight and who don't live with their heads shoved up their ass, which why all that comes out of their mouths is shit.


Jason said...

I love you, Silent.
That post pretty much says it all, doesn't it.
-Ardent Finder

Laria Raven said...

"It is better to remain silent, and be thought a fool, than to smacktalk in local and prove it." - Ancient EVE proverb.

Kierrin Halcyon said...

I know, right? All that precious ISK down the drain from that crippling 7.5 percent tax. Truly, E-Uni is bleeding my character dry.


But seriously, can't they smacktalk less and die more while I'm around? I want in on one of those chances to get an interceptor. >:(