Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some thoughts on the word "Fair" and eve.

A war target was 'shocked' that I would refuse to 1v1 him.  Considering his corp war decced mine, why would I give him that respect?  His 47 pilots, of which we've only seen 3, decced us, a 1400+ person corp.  This was not an agreed on war, so why would I owe him anything other than a painful death.

His Shuttle

His pod

Which I did grant.  Which he then claimed was lag, undocking in a system with about 20 people.

When people used to war dec the Uni, we'd always hear how it'd be 'unfair' if CCP protected us or that we shouldn't merit special treatment.  Which is fine, we learned to defend ourselves, quite well thank you very much.

So what sort of 'fair' do we owe anyone that war decs a corp set up to train new people, who are an average of 6 weeks in game and are still figuring out how it works.   If the hunting of newbies is 'fair' then is it not 'fair' for the newbies to gang up, use the methods provided in game for warfare, namely Electronic Warfare, and fight back?  I mean, it's 'fair' for older players to pick on newbies right?  According to the older players, it is.  So why do they cry so much when their tiny corps dec a corp with 1400+ people, and then fight back.  Isn't that what they were wanting?  Why else did they dec us?  And if our rules mean that all 1400+ of those newbies only have one goal in mind during war, which is killing our enemies, how is it 'unfair' that they hunt our war targets down with their friends?

As you can imagine, it's very confusing, this moving target of 'fair' in EVE, a game that allows you to kill anyone, anywhere, so long as you accept the consequences?  Isn't that what these corps do when they CHOOSE  dec a corp 28 times their size?  Or is it 'unfair', that through 5 years in the Uni with me as Military Director, we've learned how to crush these people.  I thought EVE was about sandbox, not 'fairness' and fluffy bunnies and Hello Kitty!.

So to all those wartargets out there, asking why we don't fight 'fair', allow me to explain one simple thing.

This is EVE and when you dec us, my plan isn't about you having fun, good fights, or anything other than getting killed the moment you undock.  I will smash every shiny toy of yours I can find and bury the rubble under a horde of bloodthirsty, pissed off newbies.  I will take your 'fair' and shove it so far up your arse that it'll replace the two braincells you had.  When I was learning EVE, nobody ever fought me 'fair' and I'm just passing along what you people taught me.


Nick said...

Nice post, I can certainly understand your irritation. There is no "fair" in eve. The word shouldn't enter the lexicon. If I weren't already in a small corp of friends, I would have tried to join the uni and learn about other aspects of the game. As it is, I'm woefully unprepared for low/nul sec. so I stay moderately safely tucked away in hi-sec space mining, exploring gravimetric sites and what not. Had a run in with can flippers the other day. Which strikes me as "unfair" for 6 people to come steal the fruits of my retriever's labor. but then, i've harvested many hundred times what got nabbed so it was a drop in the bucket overall.

Silentbrick said...

And your right, why is it only fair when they get what they want. I wouldn't call it fair. Can flippers used to be a big problem for us but now they mostly leave us alone, too dangerous;)

Herodotus Prime said...

Hey you stole my blog post :P

Jason said...

Bloodthirsty newbie here.
When the Uni gets decced, the only disappointment I get is when the cowards hide and don't give me any kills. Which is every time. Their whining falls on deaf ears. If you don't want to get ECM'ed and tackled into oblivion, harrassed every time you undock and NOT have any juicy noobs to kill, DON'T DEC EVE UNIVERSITY.
-Ardent Finder

Orkanen said...

I'm always amused by the complaints about blobbing. Because paying fees long enough to train up for T2 ships is so skillful and cool, whereas running a 1400 member corp is so easy...

Iohannes said...

Give'em hell, boys!

blackhuey said...

Shiny silver meathooks.

That's all they deserve.

Anonymous said...

shoot the son of a bitch repeatedly every time and send them back to oblivion where they belong. Crying "no-fair" is a sure way to ENCOURGAE me and others to repeatedly eliminate you with prejudice. I watch local for smack talk and tbh normally THAT is how I call targets.