Sunday, November 28, 2010

War again.

An update first.  I'm out of initial training and ready to head out into the field.  This is the fun part, waiting.

Anyway, the Uni has two new wars, again they are 'contracts' which always seem to be claimed so that people can attempt to deflect criticism for going after newbies.  It's honestly rather sad to see these guys always claim the exact same things.  Seriously, you could swap the names and the exact same drivel from them.  It also tells me there's alot of deeply flawed people out there.  Course I already knew that.

Anyway, I get the feeling this will be our standard wars, ie faildecs.


lbcadden3 said...

If the contracts are real, who fails worst? The war corp or the the client?

Silentbrick said...

Well, both. The mercs who refuse to fight and the contractor for failing to hire real professionals.