Monday, March 21, 2011

I'll see your stupidity and raise you to moron!

Apparently losing this week was so much fun, they want to try for two.  Yet now they seem afraid to play in our yard so I'm sure our newly minted FC's will be spreading out in the EVE universe to find them.  They also seem to be toning down their comments on the EVE O forum, perhaps hoping that everyone will forget they're currently losing to the bloodthirsty newbies of EVE Uni.  Funny how that goes.  And of course, there will be the usual excuses, "You blob, your fleets are too big, you use ECM."  I'm sorry, but if you dec a corp that outnumbers you 16 to 1, it was your choice to face fleets you can't match.

They have also tried to play the 'teaching' card, by sending comments and convo's to players, explaining what they did wrong, claiming we don't do that in our fleets.  Given I have personally witnessed it, I know it to be false.  You don't 'teach' at a school by planting spies the week or so before, then attack it.  We can see right through their attempt, since if they really wanted to teach, they simply had to talk to us and we'd of arranged something.  Their spies would have easily found such information and they got it repeated to them by our Diplomat.

 I swear there's a "Dec the Uni" playbook complete with boasts to make, excused and smacktalk to use in local.  Seriously, the smack is like it's read from a script, it's virtually identical every war.

I'll be on days off soon, which means -I- get to lead fleets on reliable, fast internet.  MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

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