Wednesday, March 16, 2011

War of Follies

The Uni is once again at war, against a pair of FW Minnie corps.  While they actually do take the field, which makes them more entertaining than the vast majority of our enemies, they pretty much follow the playbook otherwise.

Ice Fire Warriors and Blacksite Prophecy are the two corps, who like to fly faction ship and T2 HAC's/Recons.  Like most of our enemies, they follow the old "But we're getting more kills meme, followed by claiming our pilots can't PVP"  Yet we're winning the isk war, as we usually do.  The funniest analogy I can think of is a WWII one, in which are claiming victory because they took out more planes and destroyers while all their capital ships are sinking.  They clearly can't see past the # of kills on their killboard to understand why their losing. 

Their pilots are more experienced than the vast majority of ours of course, having several years in game.  Most of our pilots have been in game 3 months or less with a few that are older.  So yeah, the high schoolers are celebrating cause it takes alot of 5 & 6 year old kids to bring them down.

Maybe one day they actually learn what it is that EVE Uni does in the game, since our main goal isn't to teach PVP, but the basics of the game.  But we do let our kiddies run out to PVP and more so, we let them do so in charge if they wish.  They lead the majority of the fleets of Uni's.  So yeah, FC's in the game less than 6 months are figuring out on their own with just a few words of advice how to trap, pin and kill these guys.

So if any of the rest of the FW corps wanna come pick fights at the Elementary school, the teachers and kiddies will be waiting and ready to fight.  And win or lose, the Uni learns and remembers.  So 2 years down the line if a Uni cap fleet shows up at your POS's and burns them down, like we did to 17 Gummi Bear POS's in a wormhole, just remember that it was your choice.

On a further note, they have whined about me not posting losses.  Perhaps if you click on the little statement at the top of the killboard that says, "Sorry for the downtime" You might get why.  Plus I have limited access to the net out here at this rig in the barrens of North Dakota, so I post them as soon as I can.  And if I can't get to it, I know that our automatic API posting script takes care of it.  God they are such crybabies but then, since they have to resort to attacking the kiddies to pad their killboard, it's quite obvious how pitiful they are.

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