Thursday, August 18, 2011

Biting the hand....

There are few things more frustrating in the 'life' of a Uni director than the students that turn into monkey's, content only to throw their poo around and make life miserable for everyone else.  They come into a corp that has existed for 7 years without their amazing intellect and poo filled hands, and will continue to exist then they go flying out the door with a spiked boot print on their ass.   The part that burns us, is that despite the chances, despite the attempts to make them understand that they are only causing problems and NOT helping, they continue their march to getting their ass booted.

None of us like being the heavy, being the one to lay down the law to these people.  To explain that yes, we accept damn near everyone, that we are nice and allow them to see and say more than  most EVE corps, there are still rules and they are to be followed.  In the end, the rules actually protect the students from us.  Our original mandate allowed us to simply kick anyone that we felt was disruptive, for any reason.  Instead we work hard to provide structure, avenues of help and understanding, chances for redemption.  But there's the hard core few that piss on the hand trying to help them.  They loudly proclaim their version of things, blatantly ignoring the fact they know very little of how things really work in the Uni.  Then they bitch and whine when they're kicked about how mean and cruel we are.

Many directors are rather poor and devote all of their EVE time to the Uni.  Many of the leadership work a great deal behind the scenes, getting things done out of the sight of others and do not proclaim their actions in seeking glory or recognition of them.

In the words of our Founder, the Uni is not a democracy, it's a dictatorship.  The leaders will do what they think best for the Uni, and that path has worked for 7 years so far so I wouldn't expect any special whiny princesses to alter that path.

As for all the little ass monkey's out there, do realize that we know exactly what you're up to. 


Tymeran said...

I don't think that getting a hundred or so people fired up and spending their isk for what was heavily implied to be a POS bash, then turning around and changing things up under the guise of, "I just wanted to see how many people I could get to turn up.", is a great way to handle people. Nor does lashing out and calling those same people 'poo-flinging monkeys'.

A good number of people felt burned by that little escapade. Also by others (not you) offering to ban uni members from the mumble server for one simple noob mistake.

You say that everyone is invited, but make no mistake, there is an elite caste in the UNI, and if you ain't part of it, you damn well won't be, so keep your poo-flinging monkey butt in the general channels or you will be KICKED. If you can tow the line, accept this, and be a good little monkey, we may throw you a bone every now and again.

Anonymous said...
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Silentbrick said...

Lemme think, instead we went on a rampage and oh, killed a POS. So there's a flaw in your whining. Besides, if the intelligence landscape changes in EVE, we must change with it.

Besides which, I NEVER said there was going to be anything other than a fleet op. So your assumptions are not my concern. Going was strictly voluntary, it's not as if we do roll call.

As for your thinking of an 'elite' caste in the Uni, you couldn't be more wrong, as over the years the people who'd be considered that elite are by far the most commonly the ones I've been forced to remove or work with others to get removed.

As always, you trot out the same boring tired trip that you read off the "Evil Uni" website. My advice to you is learn to be an adult, before the world crushes you out of existence for now bowing to your specialness.

Anonymous said...

What is the EVIL UNI website? I would like you to be clear on what you are referring to in that regard.

Anonymous said...

"Lemme think, instead we went on a rampage and oh, killed a POS."

Really? You're going to build that up to be anything other than the complete joke that it was?

Was the SBU debacle planned?

"Besides which, I NEVER said there was going to be anything other than a fleet op. So your assumptions are not my concern. Going was strictly voluntary, it's not as if we do roll call."

Really, so you were planning for a 3-4 day roam? Because you did state an op lasting 3-4 days.

As well, your subordinates held hours long fitting classes, instructing people to construct long-range, multi-day fits. Certainly not the type of fit typical for a normal fleet op.

Further, one of your direct subordinates stated the morning of the op, that it was going to take place in a wormhole. And call me crazy, multi-day wormhole ops are kinda pointless unless you're going to take down a POS.

Maybe you lacked some specific leadership in this regard, in how your subordinates were supposed to communicate the fleet op to everyone.

So while you may not have said "POS Bash" explicitly, it was certainly very strongly implied. Don't even pretend, for a second, that it wasn't.


And dude, your overly defensive response to Tymeran comes across as a tad childish. Man up, and accept some criticism.

Tymeran said...

Wow. I didn't expect that level of hostility for merely pointing out not what I read from Poetic's blog, but from what I hear in mumble. I realize that emotion doesn't translate well in this medium, but I wasn't being hostile nor was I 'whining'. If anything I was trying to help by relaying the stray comments I hear from mumble. Talk about lashing out and biting the hand that feeds.

If the intelligence landscape changes in Eve, couldn't you tell your fleet that? My assumptions? Not mine, I wasn't in the position to go on the fleet. It was the assumptions of many people in mumble.

There is indeed an elite group of people in the Uni, mostly 20-30 year olds given positions of power and using it as they see fit, and yes a good number of them have (very recently) moved on. The majority of leadership is in mumble, conversing with their students in helpful and meanful ways, gaining much respect on the way. Kelduum, Croix, Aztral, Khandu, I could go on, but I think the point is made.

By the "Evil Uni" website, do you mean Poetic's blog? If so, I think you are mistaken. Poetic constantly picks out people from the Uni and raises them up in his Unista spotlight. He also provides an objective insight. I don't see it as good/bad. It just is. Just like looking in a mirror.

I have refrained from lowering myself to your level of hostility and tried to respond in a meaningful way. Please provide the same respect to me. Thank you.

Silentbrick said...

Ya'll make me laugh. There's no point in trying to change your delusions, since one thing I have learned the past 5+ years is that people will refuse to see no matter how often it's explained or what facts are given to them.

As for the Evil Uni website, perhaps if you'd read more than the current blog post, you'd know what I'm talking about it. But no matter. As I'm not cruel or vindictive except to our enemies, I wish nothing but happiness upon your EVE careers and hope that you prosper.