Friday, September 2, 2011 much for that war

Well, that war didn't last very long.

B4D W01F Retracts War Against Ivy League
Sent: 2011.09.02 04:21

The war between B4D W01F and Ivy League is coming to an end. B4D W01F has retracted the war against Ivy League. The war will be declared as being over after approximately 24 hours.

It's kind of sad though, since the smack was rather light, and they actually came out to fight.  I was having fun.  But we did pound on them pretty hard today and they decided after that and Keld talking to them they'd rather retract.  Which is okay.  They hadn't quite realized what fighting the Uni is like but they came out and played, so props to them.  We get so few that do that, so I think I can cheerfully say that I'm sorry we won't get a full week.

Not that I would have gotten more anyway, less than an hour after the fleet was over, the phone rang and I got the call, so it's pack up the work truck and head back to North Dakota.  The fleet was alot of fun and everyone did a good job, I was quite pleased with how the fleet ran and how smoothly we were able to swap out SC's as they had to leave due to time.

For all those out there that don't like me and what not, I really don't care about you.  Nothing you can do, no lies you can spew and no sock puppets you can create will ever be able to bother me.  My enjoyment in EVE comes from seeing the Uni march to victory, proving that it's teamwork and discipline, as well as good leadership that wins the day.  I don't claim to be a leet pvper and I certainly don't claim to be the best FC out there.  But the fact that we win most of our wars and we give people the chance to FC and see for themselves if they can do it speaks for itself.  And -I- know and am proud of being the one that started that path.  My thanks to Morning Maniac for taking my ideas and dumping them back onto me, saying "Do it."  It's thanks to him that I found my niche and enjoyment in EVE that relies not on killboards or rankings, but hearing it in the voices of my corp mates and students when they discover how fun leadership and PVP can be.  Nothing could be sweeter.

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