Monday, September 26, 2011

Thoughts on EVE Corps

You know, I've always found it partly amusing and annoying that virtually no other corp in EVE gets all the 'advice' and directives from people who are not in our corp and for the most part, haven't been.  EVE University doesn't go around telling other corps how they should be run.  And since we ARE just like any other corp in game and planning to stay that way, we're not part of CCP.  We run the Uni the way we think it should be, just as all the rest of the corps in EVE are run.  I will say this though, we have survived longer than they have as well, without splitting and breaking up, becoming two corps with a never ending civil war, or disbanding, so as a corp, I'd say we're doing pretty damn good.

One of the other laughable things about all the comments people make is that we're doing 'it' wrong.  Really.  If you feel so strongly about it, there's a few things you can do, start your own training corp or come give guest lectures.  You wanna come give a lecture or ten on small gang PVP?  We will happily let you, set up the schedule and provide voice for you.  It's easy to do.

As for PVP, there's a few things different about the Uni that most people don't realize, we can't force the students to do anything.  Yes, during wars we have restrictions and try to make the war as unpleasant as we can for our enemies, however, NOTHING prevents them from grabbing 2 other people and going hunting in peacetime OR wartime.  Our FC's can quietly get two or three buddies to hunt with or they can invite anyone wanting to go, which is what most do.  But we can't force them to do go out in small gangs at gunpoint.  The option is there and has been.

Maybe we should start telling all these other corps how they should be run, after all, turn about is fair play and if they can blab at us unendingly about how we should do things, we should do the same thing to them.

BTW Poetic, I haven't blocked you here.  You are not worth the effort.  Perhaps you don't realize this but we are quite unconcerned about what you do, think or have to say.  Frankly I'm a bit disappointed by your actions after I made the effort to prevent you from removed.   But since you like to bloviate about what we're doing all the time, I have a paraphrased quote, just for you "No. Be a nice pod pilot. Conform. Stay silent. Admit you are inadequate."


FNG said...

I'm sure there's more behind this post than I know, but I'd like to say that I've always respected the goal of E-Uni. Teaching players new to EVE is a double edged sword sometimes. It can certainly grow tiresome answering the same question for the hundredth time to someone you have little faith will still be playing a month from now. It can also be immensely rewarding, and is probably the best vaccine against Bittervet Syndrome to get fresh infusions of new players still wide-eyed in amazement at everything the game has to offer. So I for one hope you guys keep doing what you're doing.

Having said that, I would like to say that your statement that if "(you) wanna come give a lecture or ten on small gang PVP? We will happily let you, set up the schedule and provide voice for you. It's easy to do." isn't entirely true. I've never heard back from any of the EVE-Mails that I sent inquiring about this very thing, and attempts to speak to someone directly were always met with failure. I've heard from others who have had similar experiences with the process. Not just trying to cause trouble here, but if you're making the statement and you want it to be true, then there are definitely steps that the Uni would need to take in order to make it true.

Silentbrick said...

My question would be then did you leave a post under the Got a Problem thread on our forums? Outsiders can make accounts, they can also PM our education director Neville Smit. But yes, I consider the statement true because the lines of communication are open, if you use them. Considering how many mails in game some of our people get, that usually isn't the best method of contact.