Friday, December 2, 2011

As requested, the lanyards are back.

The new ones are strictly EVE University and not ILN lanyards.  11 ILN Lanyards remain and they will go first come first served, it's the only fair way to do it.  I should be able to ship orders out fairly quickly and while the prices are fairly set, they may change if the shipping is more than expected.  The new ones are heavier.  If you need to, make multiple orders and I will combine them and ship them together.

One thing though, no more than 1 ILN lanyard per person so that as many as possible can get one.


Dr. Funkin' said...

Just received my Lanyard. Really nice, thanks for doing this for the UNI!

Vanessa said...

If you would focus on doing international lanyards, you can get more customers and if it is really great, you'll gain great reputation.

I believe that you have good lanyards. I'm referring this to my friends in the Eve University.