Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Revamping the ILN

We're finally getting the revamp of the Ivy League Navy rolling, with people signing up for officer positions.  It's a return to the old style really, with battlegroups with dedicated officers and timeslots for people to be in and mandatory patrol fleets (Sorry piebears, the boss man spoketh "Give me fleets!".  

We're also going to be trying to focus their training toward the newer style of PVP, BC and HAC gangs with logi support etc, smaller faster fleets that can converge on a target to obliterate it and then break up to head in different directions.

We're handling training different this time, by letting the VERY professional Education Department handle it.  We'll arrange classes with them so that any time we need a class, we help find a teacher and run it through them to ensure the widest possible availability.   This is going to be fun....

Monday, July 2, 2012

Fleet Admiral pointed and webbed!

It's official now, I gave the ring to my fiance on Friday, so I'm engaged.  Certainly will be a fun and interesting change in life, especially since we're looking to buy a house and of course, the future possibility of having kids.

And to those suggesting warp core stabilizers, I don't think I could fit enough to matter:p

Friday, June 29, 2012

New Unified Inventory......

Once again, it appears CCP has happily take a huge shit into our morning cereal and told us to eat up.  I have given the new system a fair try and found it to be clunky, counter intuitive, clumsy and takes far far longer.  The old system was much faster for finding and fitting my ships without any sort of hassle, just open up the module box, the ship fitting and then cargo and drone bay.   As needed open the ammo and drone boxes and fill away.  The new system refuses to let you have that many windows open and even finding your boxes is far too hard.

I did some research and found out the test server people were screaming bloody murder about it not being ready and not only got ignore by CCP but basically "Sit down, shut up cause WE know more than you."

CCP, kicking our players in the forks and telling them how great we are and they should like it.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Slavery Legal in the United States Again.

This latest ruling by the "Supreme Court" once again makes slavery legal in the United States.  The Federal Government can now basically make people do whatever it wants or punish them with no fear in regards to the Constitution.

It is indeed a very dark day for our Republic and I fear that if the States don't band together to stop this insanity, we will be facing another civil war.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Oh yes, I took the button down, I only had a few left and don't want to suddenly get swamped with orders. 

If there's interest later on, I may make another order but I think it's tapered off right now so I'm going to save money and not order another set. 


Well well well.  Things are changing.  First off, I have a new job and have moved back down to Texas.  While the new job will mean time in the field still, I will actually have a schedule which means that I will be able to have consistent and reliable online time  to play EVE again. 

I've already been spending a little time with the LSC crew, serving as heavy EW even though I dislike flying EW but our targets liked to whine about EW being unfair so naturally I wanted to fly it.

We're revamping the ILN and heading back to an older model that works and I know it works though we're updating it to ensure extra fleets for all Uni's and going to be spending more time guiding the path of the PVP's to ensure they are well rounded and can fly everything from frigs to sniper BC's to RR BS.

We've had a number of wars lately, without the annoying types of smacks that griefers tend to use so Bravo to our War Targets for bringing the fight.  Which brings up a misconception that I'd like to clear up.

Winning wars is great but it's not necessarily our goal during them.  Yes we want to end them fast but MY goal is that our regular and budding FC"s LEARN.  Learn to deal with kiter's , station campers, hit and run gangs, cloakies.  If we lose ships until they develop counters, so be it.  We're not a merc corp so losing a war but learning from it is okay.  As people know, I don't yell at people who take out fleets and learn, even if they take losses.  That's part of the learning process. 

Anyway, still in training, so back to classwork, be seeing you in EVE.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Joy.....or rather, unjoy and annoying aggrevation.

For those that don't know, I work in the Oil Industry.  I'm an MWD Field Engineer.  Very very soon, as in, Tuesday, I go on vacation.  Apparently life has decided that until I am on vacation, I must endure hell.   The rig crew is surly and causing problems, our tool string, the sensors we run so we know where we are, are being highly picky and annoying while threatening to fail, and so far, no word on my relief to take my place.  Now all of this is part of the job, but why just before vacation? 

Honestly, it's not that bad.  I've actually learned a fair bit about troubleshooting and this will help me later, it's just frustrating.  It'd be nicer if I could really do more than log into eve as well since it's hard to get fast enough internet on the rigs to do it.

Still, there's a satisfaction knowing that you are doing something that creates things.  The oil and gas from this well will power cars, trains, ships and the gas will heat homes and create power.  But I've also been out here 40 days now and that gets a bit wearing.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 17th, Hunt the Staff

On March 17th as part of the Uni's 8th birthday, we are having a hunt the staff event.  A system in the cluster will be named and staff in battleships or down will be hunted by student teams of 4.  Students are allowed to have up to 2 Tech 1 Battlecruisers and 2 T1 cruisers or down.  Students can also shoot at each other.  Staff have put various prizes on themselves or other staff.

The list of staff so far are: 

SilentBrick, Gibson Thunderbird, Steve Fire, Bairfhionn Isu, NorthCrossroad, Turhan Bey, Cervator, Kriegerman, Capricamper Shore,Sketchy McGillis, Marta Marchesi, Shegunna Blow, Debir Achen, Scrapyard Bob

The prize list so far is as follows:

I offer 20 million Isk for each participating Faculty Member killed to be split amoungst the group.
Kordran offers the "defender" award an interceptor of the winners choice or 20 mil to the player with the most unista kills and not on a Faculty killmail.
Kriegerman Has offered a Tech 1 Battlecruiser of your choice to the group that gets a final blow on himself.
Leontyne Gaterau has offered 100m to whoever "accidentally" pods someone but be aware if you take this award you will be paying the person you pod for both implants and a new clone.
Sketchy has offered a Tech 1 Battlecruiser of choice to each member of the team that gets the fnal blow on himself.
PDP11 has offered 100 million isk to be split amoungst the top damage dealers from each of the Faculty killmails,
100 million isk to be split amoungst the highest ranked Blackbird pilots on Faculty killmails and,
100 million isk to be split amoungst the highest ranking Tech 1 Amarr frigate on Faculty killmails.
Tendonor offers "Revenge for Crap and Sorting" for the Most damage on shegunna blow's lossmail. A random container full of t2 meta 4 and faction mods from evil piwate wrecks in the lowsec camp. Estimate worth is around 50 mil.
Doppelkeks offers " Another Brick In The Wall " award with 5 milion isk bounty on each teacher title (meaning players like me with three teacher titles are worth 15 mil)
"Krieg is over" 10 million isk to the top damage dealer on Kriegerman's killmail with a 2 million isk bonus for posting "Doppellkeks sends his regards" in local after.
" Pants on fire " 10 million isk to the player who deals the most amount of damage to sketchy McGillis in a gallente ship with Hybrid guns.
Gibson is offering a (insert ship name here) to the top damage dealer on his killmail without getting final blow.

I think that it's only fair that I offer a prize as well.  If a team manages to blow up my ship, the team who gets the final blow will get 100m EACH.  I figure if they're going to be after me, I should make sure they have incentive.  This applies to the team that gets the KM.  

Personally, I don't think that will happen however.  I plan to get the most student kill mails during this.  So we'll just see how that settles out.  One rule though....Team members must be in the Uni for more than a week from the time this was posted.  So no ringers can slip in.

Good luck...and we'll just see who is the hunted. 


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kick Poetic the Whiner in the Balls! Vote Kelduum for CSM!!!

Once again, Poetic attempts to troll and fails miserably.  Anyway, give him a kick in the forks today!   Vote for Kelduum for CSM.  I did.  Perhaps one day, when PS gets out of his parents basement and gets a job, he'll know what real life is. 

PS, please do not post any more comments here.  You are not welcome.  I am formally asking you to stop posting your comments to my blog.  I do not post to yours, A.  It's got cooties.  B.  It's yours and C.  Because you're not worth the effort. 

Anyway, Vote Keld and for those in the Uni, the event coming up where you get to hunt the teachers and staff, well, be ready.  I'm thinking that my evil plan will be alot of fun and we'll see if anyone manages to bring my ship down.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Poetic Stanziel

I'm seriously sick of you Poetic.  Normally I don't give a flying piece of dogshit what whiney crybabies like you spew out but I felt it's necessary for me to disclose the real extent of my interaction with you.  After all, you have nothing to hide yes? 

First off, allow me to refute some of the more moronic things Poetic says.  I make no claim to being any kind of awesome at PVP.  I LIKE pvp, and do it.  But I play this game for fun and if I'm having fun, it doesn't matter if I impress people or not.  My ego certain isn't tied to it.  So what if I go out and have some fun with new bits of stuff EVE puts out, like Siege mods.

Unlike Poetic, I have lived in 0.0 for extended periods of time and fought there for months on end, defending the Big Blue against every pirate and griefer in the game basically.  I have spent far more time PVPing than Poetic has spent in game.

Anyway, I thought I should post the relevant convo that I had with Poetic, which is also about the ONLY one I had with him.  I am not posting it on the main forums cause they don't like chat logs.

My only sin against Poetic was trying to help him.  And apparently it was quite a sin based on how much I apparently must now suffer for it.


  Channel ID:      -24306138
  Channel Name:    Private Chat (alone)
  Listener:        Silentbrick
  Session started: 2011.08.19 05:16:41

[ 2011.08.19 05:16:52 ] Poetic Stanziel > Sorry. Was tabbed out.
[ 2011.08.19 05:17:12 ] Silentbrick > No worries.  And have no fear, not going to yell or anything like that.
[ 2011.08.19 05:17:21 ] Poetic Stanziel > Why would I have fear?
[ 2011.08.19 05:18:13 ] Silentbrick > Most do for some bizarre reason.  Anyway, Keld sees some promise in you and I'm afraid you're going to cut that short before it gets harnessed.
[ 2011.08.19 05:19:48 ] Silentbrick > My point is this, if you are not careful, you'll give people the excuse to graduate you from the Uni.  And while you might irritate me some, I actually don't want to see that happen.
[ 2011.08.19 05:19:53 ] Poetic Stanziel > Promise for what? I do not wish to hold a position in the Uni. I already turned Irdalth's offer of Media Manager down (before the queue tool debacle.) I don't want to tow some party line. I do not wish to lord over people.
[ 2011.08.19 05:20:10 ] Poetic Stanziel > But I do like the Uni.
[ 2011.08.19 05:20:29 ] Poetic Stanziel > I'm not indifferent to it ... tho that is probably obvious.
[ 2011.08.19 05:20:33 ] Silentbrick > I don't care if you want a position or not, I hate seeing people get kicked out.
[ 2011.08.19 05:21:23 ] Poetic Stanziel > Apparently my latest infraction is that my three month old bio had some cuss words in it. People seem to be really hunting for excuses lately. ;)
[ 2011.08.19 05:21:49 ] Silentbrick > And I actually enjoy reading your blog entries, few enough take time to do such things.  Yes, that's my point, you don't have to toe the party line, but don't give them an excuse.
[ 2011.08.19 05:22:53 ] Poetic Stanziel > Well, I respect honesty. And openness. That's probably why I like Kelduum quite a lot. Most of the directors sort of hide away in private channels ...
[ 2011.08.19 05:23:18 ] Poetic Stanziel > A few people who were made PO, who used to be up in public/combat, not exclusively use the staff offices like some sort of hidey hole.
[ 2011.08.19 05:23:26 ] Silentbrick > I hide in the miltary channels as it were:p  Less the management ones.
[ 2011.08.19 05:23:30 ] Poetic Stanziel > Uni management needs to connect with the students more. Like Kelduum does.
[ 2011.08.19 05:24:07 ] Silentbrick > Now see, that's a useful suggestion:p   we like those
[ 2011.08.19 05:24:07 ] Poetic Stanziel > Anyhow. I hate typing.
[ 2011.08.19 05:24:19 ] Poetic Stanziel > I've given them to Kelduum before.
[ 2011.08.19 05:24:43 ] Silentbrick > Okay, just try to avoid giving certain people a reason to toss ya.  That's all I ask
[ 2011.08.19 05:25:08 ] Silentbrick > Have a pleasent day/evening:)
[ 2011.08.19 05:25:14 ] Poetic Stanziel > They are circling the wagons around you. ;) Admirable. I'll give them that. ;)
[ 2011.08.19 05:25:33 ] Silentbrick > They don't need to, cause I honestly do not care what people say:p
[ 2011.08.19 05:25:57 ] Silentbrick > I didn't take this job to be liked
[ 2011.08.19 05:26:01 ] Poetic Stanziel > Well, I doubt Kelduum have the order. I had a nice convo with him today. So they are doing it on their own.
[ 2011.08.19 05:26:06 ] Poetic Stanziel > gave*
[ 2011.08.19 05:26:33 ] Silentbrick > They do that normally.  But I didn't want to let them use me as an excuse to toss ya
[ 2011.08.19 05:27:20 ] Poetic Stanziel > Anyhow ... you need to get in touch with the masses ... lots of dissatisfaction with the ILN and some officers/CO types. Especially Silvonus and Jalxan. Problems forming. You need to get in touch with how people see the situation, if you wish to fix it.
[ 2011.08.19 05:27:36 ] Poetic Stanziel > But ... enough ... I hate typing. I am in Mumble.
[ 2011.08.19 05:27:38 ] Poetic Stanziel > Take care.
[ 2011.08.19 05:27:53 ] Silentbrick > I am in a hotel without my headset, so can't mumble
[ 2011.08.19 05:27:56 ] Silentbrick > o/
[ 2011.08.19 05:28:02 ] Poetic Stanziel > I'll lay off the SB comments. I have some respect for you taking time to chat.
[ 2011.08.19 05:28:48 ] Poetic Stanziel > Have fun geologizing. If you're out in the field.
[ 2011.08.19 05:28:49 ] Silentbrick > The comments don't bug me really, cause you can't see all of what goes on, so I don't worry about them:p
[ 2011.08.19 05:28:56 ] Silentbrick > I'm heading home finally
[ 2011.08.19 05:29:06 ] Silentbrick > Anyway, take it easy.
[ 2011.08.19 05:29:16 ] Poetic Stanziel > You too.

Now, Unlike Poetic, I posted it all, without editing or moderation.  That was the extent of my dealings with Poetic, and now everyone can see the horrible sin I committed that has obviously driven poor Poetic completely insane so he must lie and rail against me constantly.  Such a horrid, sin indeed.   Anyway, there's the full story, open to all.  And poetic, since you are still following, I know you'll get this.  Don't bother commenting since I really no longer give a flaming rat's ass what you say.  I will however grant you this though, I'm sorry your dog died.  I've lost pets and it really is the loss of a family member.  For that you have my sympathy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lanyards! Plus FANFEST!

Still got quite a few lanyards left and Kelduum has a button on his site for the ones that I sent him.  I'm considering another order though debating if I want to do it or not, was thinking about a really big order but it's not cheap:S

Anyway, I got my vacation approved and my flight plus hotel are booked and confirmed.  So I'll be at fanfest in Iceland.  I also booked the Golden Circle tour and the charity dinner with Devs and CCP.  I'm be staying at the Centerhotel Thingholt.  Keld and I are already making plans to arrange Uni meetups while in Iceland so that we can mob places and be in good company should our enemies show up.  I'm really looking forward to going and I do believe it's going to be a blast.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Thanks to a brave soul, I have discovered that the Lanyards can indeed be mailed first class to the world at a relatively low price.  A single lanyard per package.  So therefore, I give the option of one lanyard US and Canada, and one for anywhere else.  If you want two, you'll just have to do multiple orders.

I also intend on taking some to Fanfest, it looks like I will be going, I don't have official word my vacation was approved yet but they didn't forsee any issues.  Just have to wait and see.