Sunday, March 11, 2012

Joy.....or rather, unjoy and annoying aggrevation.

For those that don't know, I work in the Oil Industry.  I'm an MWD Field Engineer.  Very very soon, as in, Tuesday, I go on vacation.  Apparently life has decided that until I am on vacation, I must endure hell.   The rig crew is surly and causing problems, our tool string, the sensors we run so we know where we are, are being highly picky and annoying while threatening to fail, and so far, no word on my relief to take my place.  Now all of this is part of the job, but why just before vacation? 

Honestly, it's not that bad.  I've actually learned a fair bit about troubleshooting and this will help me later, it's just frustrating.  It'd be nicer if I could really do more than log into eve as well since it's hard to get fast enough internet on the rigs to do it.

Still, there's a satisfaction knowing that you are doing something that creates things.  The oil and gas from this well will power cars, trains, ships and the gas will heat homes and create power.  But I've also been out here 40 days now and that gets a bit wearing.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 17th, Hunt the Staff

On March 17th as part of the Uni's 8th birthday, we are having a hunt the staff event.  A system in the cluster will be named and staff in battleships or down will be hunted by student teams of 4.  Students are allowed to have up to 2 Tech 1 Battlecruisers and 2 T1 cruisers or down.  Students can also shoot at each other.  Staff have put various prizes on themselves or other staff.

The list of staff so far are: 

SilentBrick, Gibson Thunderbird, Steve Fire, Bairfhionn Isu, NorthCrossroad, Turhan Bey, Cervator, Kriegerman, Capricamper Shore,Sketchy McGillis, Marta Marchesi, Shegunna Blow, Debir Achen, Scrapyard Bob

The prize list so far is as follows:

I offer 20 million Isk for each participating Faculty Member killed to be split amoungst the group.
Kordran offers the "defender" award an interceptor of the winners choice or 20 mil to the player with the most unista kills and not on a Faculty killmail.
Kriegerman Has offered a Tech 1 Battlecruiser of your choice to the group that gets a final blow on himself.
Leontyne Gaterau has offered 100m to whoever "accidentally" pods someone but be aware if you take this award you will be paying the person you pod for both implants and a new clone.
Sketchy has offered a Tech 1 Battlecruiser of choice to each member of the team that gets the fnal blow on himself.
PDP11 has offered 100 million isk to be split amoungst the top damage dealers from each of the Faculty killmails,
100 million isk to be split amoungst the highest ranked Blackbird pilots on Faculty killmails and,
100 million isk to be split amoungst the highest ranking Tech 1 Amarr frigate on Faculty killmails.
Tendonor offers "Revenge for Crap and Sorting" for the Most damage on shegunna blow's lossmail. A random container full of t2 meta 4 and faction mods from evil piwate wrecks in the lowsec camp. Estimate worth is around 50 mil.
Doppelkeks offers " Another Brick In The Wall " award with 5 milion isk bounty on each teacher title (meaning players like me with three teacher titles are worth 15 mil)
"Krieg is over" 10 million isk to the top damage dealer on Kriegerman's killmail with a 2 million isk bonus for posting "Doppellkeks sends his regards" in local after.
" Pants on fire " 10 million isk to the player who deals the most amount of damage to sketchy McGillis in a gallente ship with Hybrid guns.
Gibson is offering a (insert ship name here) to the top damage dealer on his killmail without getting final blow.

I think that it's only fair that I offer a prize as well.  If a team manages to blow up my ship, the team who gets the final blow will get 100m EACH.  I figure if they're going to be after me, I should make sure they have incentive.  This applies to the team that gets the KM.  

Personally, I don't think that will happen however.  I plan to get the most student kill mails during this.  So we'll just see how that settles out.  One rule though....Team members must be in the Uni for more than a week from the time this was posted.  So no ringers can slip in.

Good luck...and we'll just see who is the hunted. 


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kick Poetic the Whiner in the Balls! Vote Kelduum for CSM!!!

Once again, Poetic attempts to troll and fails miserably.  Anyway, give him a kick in the forks today!   Vote for Kelduum for CSM.  I did.  Perhaps one day, when PS gets out of his parents basement and gets a job, he'll know what real life is. 

PS, please do not post any more comments here.  You are not welcome.  I am formally asking you to stop posting your comments to my blog.  I do not post to yours, A.  It's got cooties.  B.  It's yours and C.  Because you're not worth the effort. 

Anyway, Vote Keld and for those in the Uni, the event coming up where you get to hunt the teachers and staff, well, be ready.  I'm thinking that my evil plan will be alot of fun and we'll see if anyone manages to bring my ship down.