Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kick Poetic the Whiner in the Balls! Vote Kelduum for CSM!!!

Once again, Poetic attempts to troll and fails miserably.  Anyway, give him a kick in the forks today!   Vote for Kelduum for CSM.  I did.  Perhaps one day, when PS gets out of his parents basement and gets a job, he'll know what real life is. 

PS, please do not post any more comments here.  You are not welcome.  I am formally asking you to stop posting your comments to my blog.  I do not post to yours, A.  It's got cooties.  B.  It's yours and C.  Because you're not worth the effort. 

Anyway, Vote Keld and for those in the Uni, the event coming up where you get to hunt the teachers and staff, well, be ready.  I'm thinking that my evil plan will be alot of fun and we'll see if anyone manages to bring my ship down.

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