Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Revamping the ILN

We're finally getting the revamp of the Ivy League Navy rolling, with people signing up for officer positions.  It's a return to the old style really, with battlegroups with dedicated officers and timeslots for people to be in and mandatory patrol fleets (Sorry piebears, the boss man spoketh "Give me fleets!".  

We're also going to be trying to focus their training toward the newer style of PVP, BC and HAC gangs with logi support etc, smaller faster fleets that can converge on a target to obliterate it and then break up to head in different directions.

We're handling training different this time, by letting the VERY professional Education Department handle it.  We'll arrange classes with them so that any time we need a class, we help find a teacher and run it through them to ensure the widest possible availability.   This is going to be fun....

Monday, July 2, 2012

Fleet Admiral pointed and webbed!

It's official now, I gave the ring to my fiance on Friday, so I'm engaged.  Certainly will be a fun and interesting change in life, especially since we're looking to buy a house and of course, the future possibility of having kids.

And to those suggesting warp core stabilizers, I don't think I could fit enough to matter:p